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Unconformed is the kind of guitar players that really makes you feel good the originality is quite amazing Jack SONG OF LOVE‘S guitar player could be called that guy that makes you cum in your pants; Who brings amazing  emotions to your ears and to the heavy metal world SONG OF LOVE


Fabien is the composer of SONG OF LOVE Grew up in Los Angeles in heavy metal mecca. Fabien’s goal is to bring the world back to true music. Heavy metal is back the sounds are so sweet yet powerful that you can dream of a better land and happy times . Your body can receive incredible feelings and emotions; You love those sensual emotions that make you feel so good with SONG OF LOVE


Cum is the amazing drummer for SONG OF LOVE Heavy metal music Cum can make you feel such intensity in your body in live action that you can keep having orgasms the rest of your life. Cum is the real deal,  the power of heavy metal music mixed with different drum sounding pleasure groves SONG OF LOVE  Song of love Heavy metal music is what makes you feel good and unconformed to this wicked world


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Heavy metal makes you feel good and relaxed You feel the power of Heavy metal music You receive the strength from heavy metal band SONG OF LOVE You are feeling good right now you go into the heavy metal music dream 

You escape from this world and enter now my friend into the heavy metal music world Far away from all worries and care you are now into the love orgasm metal world 

You are already experiencing such powerful and intense love feelings You feel such bonding and brotherhood with SONG OF LOVE Your life becomes much much better Heavy metal music

How would you feel if you felt extremely happy and good right now Heavy metal song What feelings would you experience Feel now some supernatural feelings entering your body now This makes you feel so extremely good and happy Heavy metal music