Song of love metal official Zero tolerance for fake orgasms

This song is about women going after the thugs yet these dudes don’t know much about giving women orgasms Many times women chose a guy that seem to satisfy them yet they end up being totally disapointed Heavy metal music

Ladies get the metalheads to give you the orgasms we are much better than thugs Heavy metal song We have real talent we have the passion we have the skills and we will make you cum hard Even if it is just with thepower of heavy metal song of love HEAVY METAL MUSIC 

This song is also about his world being totally fake and hypocrite they frown at nudity and sex between a man and a woman yt they will allow strange behaviours How can that be? I’m i dreaming or is this rally happening?  Song of love metal official


Some countries would arrest someone who walks naked yet they will allow the strangest sexual behaviours how can this be?  Heavy metal music How can that be and if truth is universal like the BIble is why do countries have different laws? SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL HEAVY METAL 



This is the time for you to feel like you never felt

Crazy feeling all over cuddling with me skaking all over

These are feelings you never felt without me

Making your spine shake and cleft feelling good around me


Multiple orgasms that’s what you’re into, now it strikes deep in your pussy?

The tip of your lips are so hard and moist, ready for my llulaby

Remember how you felt with your strongest orgasm ever,

How would you feel if you felt one 1000 times stronger?

Send fotrth that messenger of voluptuous delight

And let those obcene vistas that i desire

Take form in futur deeds and doings


Ze ro tolerance for fake orgasms

Plenty of love for girls shake squirt and ride

Plenty of love for girls who show their needy boobs

Plenty of love for girls who love spread their vagina

zero tolerance for fake orgasms song of love