Song of love metal official That’s the way love feels


This song is about feeling real love and real orgasms I have heard that 80 percent of women do not have orgasms with their man and that many go about very frustrated How would you feel if now you would feel extremely horny, feeling extreme pleasure all over HEAVY METAL BAND


You boobs are getting harder, your pussy is getting wet You love so much to feel goood and feel much pleasure Heavy  metal song You love to feel your pussy extremely wet from wanting a hard hot cock sliding inside you You love to be caressed so gently and precisely that your clit becomes harder and longer Heavy metal song of love


Those sentations on your clit are amazing I cares it sweetly and gently sucking it from top to bottom this gives you much pleasure, in fact you feel like cuming already This feels so good  SONG OF LOVE  METAL OFICIAL


As we walk in the park The sparkle in your eyes Is such as i never seen

(Such intense, deep love) As i put my hand on your heart It tuns to wild fire

I feel it beating so fast You found in me the love of your life SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL

You compete with all the other girls And became the queen of my heart


Now is the time as never playing the touch game and letting you win

Under the shits you show me the real, now I know how skilled you are

How long have I waited for such a lover as you (I’ll never find)

This is such that I can now die happy having had my fill of love


Everyday you come to my room With a deep purpose in mind

You say you love me, spending your free time trying to meet i

Everyday you say you love me and now i know that it is true


You say i’m the on for you you, the only who makes you feel

So free, happy, alive, giving such pleasure SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL

(Shaking and moving and twisting with such dexterity)


I do not know if you know what you do to me,

This is such as my mind is comsumed thinking about you

I go about full of inspiration and and a smile on my face

Really there’s a blessing for the one who does good’


Such love and deep rapport and two souls becoming one

This is such a rare experience, you are now feeling out of this world

100 times better than you ever felt, how would this feel right now

You love me you touch me that’s the way love feels

You love me you touch me living in fairy tale


Now you’re alone with me in my room

You know it’s your time to enjoy your life

This is a no clothing section of the world

So feel free to loosen up and let go


Now you made it to my hotel room (2) inside my bed

How many sparkles do you want to see all night?

How many times will you put yourself on vibrate ?


(Now we’re alone n the park Birds sing seeing our amazing deep love)


Now that you won my heart birds are singing

Our love is such as you’ve never experienced

How would you feel to be in love with me

100 times stonger than you ever been SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL