Song of love Reached the end of the world


This song talks about coming judgments on earth , people have become so secularised that they cannot think for themselves anymore, they think that being a liar, arrogant selfish, proud, lying, stealing will come without any outcome to their deeds Abusing animals, hitting childrens beating women having no respect for the

elderly these are some of the things that will bring judgments on the people of earth SONG OF LOVE This song is a warning for people to turn from following the crowd and listen to the inner voice which tell you to love other people and follow what is right




Now you have reached the end of the world

The people have gone crazy

They are following their own selfish way

Taking out love from the earth


The final days have arrived

Striking events will now fall

Pride and selfishness is going to be judged

Who is strong enough not to follow crowds?

Who still have a loving, gentle heart,

Do good to those around you

Spread much love to others

Who are full of hate and self


Nothing is done in secret

All things be revealed

What path do you now chose

Earth’s last hours left


This world is full of cowards

Who bend to principle

Lying stealing and pride

Is in the order of the day


Chose now your destiny now

Soon it will be too late

Sudden destruction is coming

As an overwhelming surprise

reached the end of the world song of love