Song of love Orgasm planet


I wrote this song because i want to make people realize how hypocrite this world is about sex Many people have abad feeling about pleasure why?  Heavy metal song I do not know  Heavy metal As if pleasure was bad Then they allow themselves to do things which are a lot worse like stealing lying being selfish Heavy metal band

I know that God would rather people being naked all day and love each other than act all holy and p_ure yet be totallly corrupt from the lying stealing selfishness Heavy metal band In fact out moto is get naked often get your fill of love and sex Heavy metal band

Enjoy sex and pleasure as it is good for you , there ar emany benefits to sex and orgasms it remove sback pain it secretes hormones or relaxes and eliminates stress Heavy metal music Get sex often and receive the benefits Heavy metal music 


(She told me)
I want to know how your love feels deep inside me (she told me)
I want to know the sliding power of your masculanity
I want to know that our bodies will become as one
I want to know you this night of plenty how much love we can share

Share your love, the end of the world is coming

Absolute truth exists it you search deep for it
Our minds receives false messages taht you cannot trust
Opinions, impressions, feelings are totally worthless
Is there a God? Surely there is one, and a most beautiful mind

Trust in Him, trust in Him, know that he will always love you
no matter what you do

I flying through space above orgasm planet
I working all day making girls cum
Harder than they ever felt

Ain’t it time for you to make love to me, together
Ain’t it time for the world to love each other, now
People care for your neighbour now forever, til Jesus comes
Do good to others everyday you’ll be happier

See you in heaven if yo spent time with God
See you in hell if you’ve been bad
See you in heavn if you love Jesus
See you in hell if you’ve been proud
See you in heaven if you kept the sabbath
See you in hell if you kept sunday
See you in heaven if you forgave
See you in hell if you only thought bout self

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orgasm planet album cover song of lov

orgasm planet album cover song of lov