Song of love metal official Opinions


Song of love heavy metal Opinions many people in this world give iopinions and they did not check if what they believed in was true We IN SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL  believe that we should find out what we are talking about becore expressing things and end up being wrong  Like the man from the jungle could says

I believe those red lights and green lights at street corners in Europe America ect are for people to feel more peaceful and relaxed He could have a good observation but wrong conclusion Heavy metal is about truth and staying true to one’s belief Many people in the rap community don’t care about truth ther are ready at every turn to sell themselves and what they believe in for personal profit  Song of love  metal official

They are so fake and rotten SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL  believes that we should be true and follow our belief Like when i was like 17 i remember METALLICA was touring Europe for their KILL EM ALL TOUR   SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL

One interview they asked them ‘But Metallica if you don’t make it with your music which sounds very agressive, why don’t you change so that you can mahe more fans and sell more cd’s’ I remember METALLICA saying ‘We will never change our music and our style to fit the record companies and to be more popular SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL

Are you going to be a true metalhead and stay true to your belief? Or are you going to sell out to mix HEAVY METAL with pop music or worse  are you going  to mix HEAVY METAL to RAP I could not see musical corruption worse than this to  mix

HEAVY METAL with RAP Why are so many heavy metal bands doing that these days? And some says Oh but HEAVY METAL now is much better No it is not METALHEAD don’t you hear the corrupt music  coming out bands who mix commercial music to HEAVY METAL?

Only support those bands who mix real music together like we do SONG OF LOVE Because HEAVY METAL is not the only true music CLASICAL JAZZ REGGAE are kind ot true to their beliefs as well SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL


Your opinion is not truth

Unless you back it up with facts yeah

This world is gone in self mode all the way

How do you know where your path will lead


Are you sure what you believe in is true?

You might just end up in flames forever curse

This is the time for you to search for truth

To be true and loving, profesionalism is a lie

(a true Adventist)


Life ain’t the way it used to be

Truth has gone out of the window


How do yo know this path will lead you safe home?

How do you know this path leads you not to destruction ?


Back up your opinions with truth

Or you only end up with deadly lies

Check your sources before you believe

Liars never win in the long run