Song of love metal official Magic wand

Heavy metal has a magic want to make women cum hard and long This is wher you as a heavy metal chick you can get your fil of very strong orgasms and metal wand gliding into your wet metal cave You love your heavy metal cave to be ravished to be entered with that hot and hard heavy metal rod  Song of love metal official Magic wand 

This heavy metal rod makes you feel so good and so horny Your whole body is feeling so good, so at peace My heavy metal hands are making you feel very very good, you are having much pleasure right now Song of love metal official Magic wand




Have you tasted my magic wand lately

I know it’s a feeling you will never forget

Have you known what love is all about

A push and a shove, flying to the stars


Believe in outer space love

Flying to sensual realms still unknown

Making love on a sweet cloud

Descending to a gentle prairie


How much love can you give

I can even take much more

You see my music is thus fed

By the erotic emotions of you


Let us escape to a remote heaven

And explore the unknown realms of tantra

There you will know the power of touch

And make your body shake so strong