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Amazing heavy metal music for you Heavy metal makes you feel good, heavy metal gives you amazing power and consolation from this selfish world Yes this world has become bland unoriginal  People are following the dictates of the media world wich tells it how to behave and talk and act Heavy metal song of love metal official 

And if you do not fit in with their ideas of what is acceptable then they totally reject you You as a metalhead have a choice ‘ Will i start to talk professional and all legalist and be accepted or will i be myself and love to be natural and not trying to follow the trends’ Heavy metal song The choice is yours, even in the heavy metal world today some especially new bands act all polished and are following the the world’s norms Heavy metal song

What are the world norms? Who makes these norms? Where does he lives, the guy who tells people when to change their words and deportment? Heavy metal band  Or could it be an hypnotism from televison I see that little by little people are more and more hypnotised and the more a person watches tv the more they are taken by this evil mass hysteria Song of love metal official

Subliminal messages are all over tv and people want to be loved so much that they act and talk in a certain way to fit in Seems like today there is a mass of people that are saying to others, Heavy metal music We have adopted the new way of speaking and behaving thus we are the supperior kind  Heavy metal song

In my book those people are just sheep yet they think themselves better But those who bring something new to the world, something original are the cool ones those who bring sunshine to this selfish world are those who make things change Song of love heavy metal What will you be? Of those who fit in or of those who change this world? Heavy metal song