Song of love metal official Enter by the narrow gate


This song explains that this worls has gone wrong, it is not from yesterday but many people act very wickedly What is the purpose of life? Heavy metal What are your days filled with? Are you happy with your life? How could you improve your life and be happier? HEAVY METAL MUSIC 

Life is about what we think about If you star a business then if you think you fill fail you will denitly fail but if you believe that you will success you will succeed Heavy metal song Twho path in the which you can go by told us Led zeppelin

The path of self gratification thinking only for me and the path of giving of making others happy and helping those who ar eweek and needy Only the path of giving and helping others and loving will make you happy Heavy metal music

The path of selfishness wil never make you happy , you will never feel satisfied walking in the path of self, no matter how much you grasp Heavy metal  I fact grasping is not bad it is good to mave money and riches and plenty, but how is that plenty and prosperity used? For selfishness orsome to help those in need? HEAVY METAL MUSIC Chose the path of love it is the right path to walk in




Everytime I see you walking down the street my babe

You looking so sad with so many troubles in your life

You came to hard times, and do not know which way to go

Now I see tears running down your face


As suffering fills your life and pain your home

Know that hard times pass and the sunshine of love

Always will return, and hope fills your soul

Let the moments go and love wind blow



Who does not experience hard times, now be strong

Be patient, til these moments go, (and you at peace)

Immagine yourself happy again,

All is possible for the one who believes


What are your goals in life, what do you really want

Then pursue them, they will be reality

No hardship is so deep and without a solution

Remember your happy times how did you feel


Nobody said life would be easy

As suffering comes you are growing stronger

Mr Rain can provide for you all your needs

Trust in His goodness and keep on keeping on


‘I will come out of this’ should be in your mind

This situation too will soon pass

This is only a test to see whether

You still love or turn to evil



Enter by the narrow gate,

the broad way ends up in misery

Enter by the narrow gate,

Following crowds never did any good


Enter by the narrow gate,

Why follow mean and selfish people,

Enter by the narrow gate,

Love and pride you know cannot match


The broad way only ends up in death

The broad way you surely lead you to destruction