Song of love Cum for me

Amazing to see thousans of women paying to find a guy on match dot com yet i hear dthat sadly most women are not satisfied sexually They do not have correct orgasms and most guys are either premature ejaculators or they  do not give women wild screaming orgasms  Heavy metal music


This is why i counsel every metalhead to read the book How to give women wild screaming orgasms BY DAVID SHADE Metal girl how to you feel when you are feeling so horny and sweathy from pleasure You are feeling so good rght now Heavy metal band You really need a hot metalhead to undress you gently and i start caressing your boobs The tip of it becomes very very exited and horny Heavy metal band

This touch makes you feel so good, so relaxed so happy Song of love cum for me As i caress your breasts so sweetly you start to feel more and more horny You take off your panties SONG  OF LOVE HEAVY METAL I gently massage your pussy This makes you feel extreme pleasure It feels so good SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL One finger on each side of your pussy sliding up and down slowly and gently this is amazing

You are becoming so amazingly wet now You feel like you will be cuming soon so very hard You beg me to caress your clit, i do by so lightly and exquisitely that you feel so so much pleasure all over your body now that you cannot but cum Heavy metal band

You let go of all you feel you have reached the point of no return, you grab my cock and it is so hard like a rock, so hot like hot soup …. HEAVY METAL BAND


Every time you take off your clothes you cum into my hands
Every time it makes you shake and you climax so so hard and long

Everytime we meet there s a sparkle in your eyes
Making you feel so good and happy and alive there is none like me
Everytime we kiss your body sweat from so much pleasure
Everytime you look into my eyes your stomach feel so tight

Now you’re in my house you undo all your cotton and clothing
I make you feel so precious like all attention on you
I feel your nipples so hard and your panties so wet and ready for love
You cum so strong (over and over) and you always beg for more

You cum for me you cum for you cum before you’re too old
You cum for love you cum to shake You cum to feel my loving touch
You cum to relax You cum to let go of all the stress in your life
You cum again and again loving to feel good under my hands