Song of love Conformed to this world



This song is about not conforming  to this world and who better heavy metal people can act independently yet unified Heavy metal music This world is becoming more and more locke dinto following the attitud eof the day and by the crowds acting the same dressing the same and talking the same Heavy metal music  SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL

This is so discusting In today’s world, people become like robots and they think legalism or following a set of rule swill make them good people When folliwing a set of rules never made anyone a good person Heavy metal band Song of love heavy metal

Even people who do not listen to rap rbb music which i hate dress as if they were gangster they talk gangster which means they talk full of self and pride and self importance Compare this to Angus Young arriving at the airport Heavy metal song  

I remember him he looked so humble and simple yet this man Angus Young from AC DC Has much motre talent than all the rappers included  Heavy metal music  Song of love heavy metal 

The message of this song to all metalheads is to be yourself be true and do not conform to the fake way of acting this world is arraving at now As a heavy metal lover we stand true to our music and will never sell out just to become popupar or to sell more cd’s




You look like the world
You sound like the world
You are totallly conformed to society

A bunch of apathic retards walk this world
Commercial and fake yeah so far from the Lord
They don’t do anything for others
Got this fake smile and deceive your ass
Song of love conformed to the world

Whatever media say this world follows
As if God spake yet fools make the rules
They think that legalists are cool
Yet God sees them as whited tombs

This world thinks that apparence is everything
Yet inside they are full of lies
Profetionalism seems holy yet
It is so corrupt as fake can be
Song of love conformed to the world

I am accepted by my pears yet
but i m proud and selfish only think about me
Look at the hip hop fad they think they’re cool
So i wear the pant down and act violent and mean Rap garbage

I know that this is not the way
But i want to be accepted and liked
Song of love conformed to the world

The whole world does it anyway
So what it matter being selfish uncaring proud and fake

This world is totally fake, liars are glofified
Violent are applauded and those who love are shunned

How long will it be until the limit would have been reached
And great judgments will fall on the society’s sheep

Everything the leaders say the world follows
Blind and dumb not realising it is to their own destruction
Song of love conformed to the world

i’m not conformed to this world im’ not conformed to your ways
i’m not conformed to your fake yeah you’re just a piece of thrash

i’m not conformed to the legalists i’m not conformed to the proud
i’m not conformed to the flames that’s where you’ll end

i’m not conformed to the liars i’m not conformed to the hypocrytes
i’m not conformed to rap that’s just a piece of crap

Look at how stupid the world has become cat
People even think that their opinions is truth yeah right
how more retarded can you be than that
Most people on earth walk full of pride as if they were some big thing

As if what they have came from themelves
The world is in a very sad state
Most people as so full of self that
They will not even acknowledge their wrongs

Look at all the rappeurs they think they are cool
Yet then cannot play nor sing for their life
And they call thelselves musicians ah ah
Just because they are violent people think they are cool

But violent people are a uncool as can be
Then the leaders of this world now even think homosecuals
Is the way to go when God destroyed full cities becaue of it
How more blind than this can you be
Look at the so called profetional they sound

dirty polished the world looks up to them
They have an apparence of morality
And people ar eso dumb as bow down to them
Yet it is all fake and apparence of piety
Song of love conformed to the world

Not long hence people and this world will be destroyed
Because of the way people treat each other and God
Turn now there is still time Destruction is coming
This is not a joke all you proud worthless pieces of dung you will soon be destroyed

unconformed to this world song of love