Song of love City without love


Relationships are so perverted these days there is no love no faithfulness no truthfulness This song SONG OF LOVE Babe in the bathoom speaks about the hilarity of human relationships SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL


This has happened a lot since the success of rap music The fake attitude of me only I know metalheads are more sincere and more noble than rappers no doubt  Heavy metal song And metal chicks are a lot hotter than Rhiana or Beyonce I think these chicks are totaly uncool and cannot sing and have no talent at all Heavy metal band

Heavy metal chicks are more true, metal chicks can have better sex than rap chicks When you have sex with a rap chick she’s thinking about something else When you have sex with a HEAVY METAL CHICK She’s into the moment and can orgasm much better

To all METALHEADS around the world find yourself a nic emetal chick with whom you can be happy and spread the love of HEAVY METAL TO ALL  the world Love each other this is the goal of life Be true to what you believe in Don’t betray HEAVY METAL

SONG OF LOVE Babe in the bathroom Stay tuned for more Heavy metal songs from the Heavy metal band SONG OF LOVE This song will be redone more metal  

This song  is about our current world People have changed a lot since like lets say 50  years ago when people were more social HEAVY METAL People today can think themselves to be able to behave any manner they want because they have the social media escape like facebook ect Heavy metal song

City without love talks about many people going about their daily lives and you can see in their eyes they are very lonely and sad Heavy metal music Yet they have to follow on their dsily routine, going to work, coming homs, eating tiv dnners going to speel, and next day doing the same thing SONG  OF LOVE CITY WITHOUT LOVE

Yet on the other side i have met people who have too much love, the social bees. Heavy metal band They have sex often, they have many people calling them, yet they have so much attention that they are totally miserable and unsatisfied Heavy metal band

It is interesting to see the twho extremes, i think the most unhappy of the two is the person who has too much. Song of love heavy metal When they are around someone they are thinking about someone else, never enjoying the moment They have so much touch that they get bored alll the time Sad Song of love heavy metal music

I think this song says that it is good to be social or even if you do not have much love in your life, giving love to others is even more satisfying than receiving Heavy metal music Because there ar emany people around you needing love, but having some time out for yourself is good too from the mad rush for pleasure Heavy metal music



See the lonely people everywhere

They don’t seem to be going anywhere


Feel their intense, pain,

Sitting home Going insane


You can choose evil,

You can choose eternal life

You can choose heaven

Some choose the fallen Angel


All these lonely, sexy women

Paying money to find a man


All these humans walking, passing by

Who can’t ever seem to be satisfied


All your dreams can come true

Just keep on trying and believing


Your thought become things

Just beware what your dwell on

song of love city without love