Song of love Bring it on


Yes bring it on the end of the world Has the world become wicked or what? People have become so angry so mean so selfish How worse can it become To who i blame this?  Heavy metal music Yes great pat goes to rap music and the rap influence in the world in the which they make people think that evil is cool Yet if they could start by learning by playing their instrument Song of love bring it on

This song is for those who think for themselves the world seems like its hypnotIsed, They are running but where to their own destruction Song of love heavy metal music  Metalheads need to think for themselves no more of this conformed plastic world which is telling you what dto do and act like a robot

I listened to an interview from Frank Zappa today he said that people were better off in the 60 s because the music rep would say let’s try this band then if it made them money they kept at it and continue SONG OF LOVE

bringing to the massese intresting and original music that waw worth something Song of love heavy metal music Today those days are over scarcely can you hear any music worth anything Song of love bring it on

In fact i would agree that most of today’s music is totally worthless the songwriting has nothing to say, the musicianship is terrible even made by machines most of thes songs deserve to end up in the thrash Song of love bring it on

I am amazed that most singers and bands today would even have thought of mecoming famous being totally talentless Heavy metal music  Now thank God we have SONG OF LOVE Original heavy metal music

Talented heavy metal songs you now feel good, SONG OF LOVE give syou power to totally uconform to this fake and legalist world  Be true, be true to heavy metal music you will be rewarded as being more original self thinking SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL MUSIC