Song of love metal official Animal cruelty

Even being a metalhead i see terrible things going on in the world I see headbangers as being more noble than othe rpeople Like gangsters not to name them Metalheads have more finesse But this thing of killing animals and abusing anilams all over the world is terrible Heavy metal band 

How can a huaman being take an aminal and beat them, take knives and make them sufffer, or cut their heads, or like in some farms beat the cows  Heavy metal music How wicked this world has become p No love even for being who cannot defend themselves amazing How can a little pupy defend itself? METALHEADS Yet some people beat their gods everyday in rage poor little thing Whi is going to defend that little precious being? SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL  BAND

In these times i whish an angel would appear and beat this animal abusers to a pulp until so bad that they willl never again try to do harm to an animal Animal abuse is about not abusing your power Do you have power? Heavy metal song Then use your power to help people and to bring them good and hapiness and good things  We see the weakness of someone when they come to power and treat others very harsh

Heavy metal band Song of love I have seen that when i used to work in delivery some bosses were very nice, some were so mean that you could wonder why they were so evil Song of love Heavy metal song ANIMAL ABUSE     Song of love metal official 



Human thou wicked beast,

Made in the image of your Maker

Hateful, cruel, proud and self getter

Judgments on thee will surely fall


You kill you kill inocent God;s kingdom, don’t you know that one day God will judge you How much pain on frail creatures . You will then know what it s lile to bully 4legged to abuse weaker than you  Song of love metal official 

Know that God is the Maker He will judge your actions Pride selfishness, hate to others

Knowest not thou that thy actions are seen

Knowest not thou that thy words are writen

Knowest not thou that thy thoughts will be heard


No more violence to animals how much guts does it take

To kill one weaker than thou? God will destroy

those who destroy the earth.


The suffering inclicted will come back to you tenfold

What will you answer in that day?

The cruelty will haunt you by day and y night

Untold vengence will suround you

animal abuse song of love

animal abuse song of love