Rock music download All the girls of the kingdom Song of love metal official

Amazing sexual fun from the king of Media Song of love metal official 

This song is about when King Ahasuerus from Media and Persia wanted to find a new wife, it says in the Bible in the book of Ester that Ahasuerus was angry with his wife Vashti. rock download She was summoned to the king’s court and she did not obey. It is to be noted that the kingdom of Media and persia was the greatest kingdom of the time. rock music download Not long before that Cyrus took over Babylon, which has been the richest and mot powerful kingdom which ever existed on earth. Rock song donwload

Media and Persia took over as the Bible predicted, in fact it is amazing to see that the Bible named Cyrus one hundred and fifty years before his birth. rock song download Isaiah 45;1 ‘Cyrus is my anointed king.  I take hold of his right hand. I give him the power to bring nations under his control.’ rock song download The way Cyrus took over Babylon was amazing. Rock music download

Inside the city of Babylon the people were feasting and totally drunk. English rock songs download Cyrus diverted the river which was going under the city, and he and his army arrived in a totally debauched drunken city metal download Ahasuerus was not plased with his wife si he arranged for his people to find all the pretiest women in the kingdom

and he had a night with each one of them. I believe this Ahasuerus is very metal. english rock songs download Lots of good amazing orgasms those girls I am sure came very strong and long having amazing sex with the king of Media and persia Rock song download

Then finally, Ahasuerus soldiers found a Jewish girl. She was a captive in the faraway country of Media and Persia. The king had sex with hundreds of girls. He had to try them one by one to see which one would be the one he liked. My questions are would you have loved to have this job? The Jewish girl Ester spent the night with the King Ahasuerus metal download

The king has sex every day with a different girl. I am sure they were ugly girls in the lot he had sex with. heavy metal songs. But that was san amazing job those were the nice days, can you imagine a president doing that today? heavy metal youtube He would be impeached right away. It shows that this world is not going on the right path, but has become very legalist. This is why legalists people who are very swift on passing judgment on people should think twice? heavy metal artists

Don’t be a legalist, be someone who follows truth, who loves people and who is companionate rock music download
Nowdays people are very stuck up, there is no freedom to speak about much today. The freedom of speech is very limited. Because they want everybody to speak the same, move the same. This is one thing we need to stop, what ill the world become is this goes on further? Do you remember how the world was a few years ago? 80s heavy metal bands It were much nicer, in fact when the metal years were happening in the eighties the world was fun, people were smiling more song of love metal official

One thing that really touched me in India was that over there I saw people were not taken by the media, they were not told that much to follow some wordily rule. Rock download some new world order, then they had their individuality? Rock music donwload

And when you go to the upper classes in India they have that new world order feel and talk because they have the medias, the television and they are taken by the new world order also. SONG OF LOVE.ORG is not following the trends but what good metal is all about song of love metal official



What’cha ye looking at me girl,

I am King Ahasuerus,

Trying to find my new wife

Would you be the one

Once you come in my palace

You’ll understand what a king is

Have you seen my servants

Gold abundant as silver


Satin sheets and riches

All over my room

Full moon outside palace’s window

Is that your new life


This is the night of your life Esther

Show me how much you want to be the queen

What can you do to me

That the others did not do

Can you immgine to be the world’s new queen

A life full of pleasure, riches and glory

Me to whom God gives all pleasure and glory to



All the girls of the kingdom

Will make out with the king

All the girls of the kingdom

Are so horny for me

All the girls of the kingdom

Will lay in my golden bed

All the girls of the kingdom

Will spend a night with me