Song of love Stagger the Devil



“Stagger the Devil” is a new single from Song of Love which uses some great musiciality to draw a parallel between human sexuality and spirituality. The exact lyrical interpretations are completely open to the listener to define as they wish, but the lyrics are pretty much to the point, leaving little to the imagination.

Musically, “Stagger the Devil” features an exciting guitar riff, killer bass groove, and strong drumwork. It is a take on metal which is a bit cleaner than what all too often is overly saturated in the world of metal music.

What is perhaps most interesting is the overall progressive feel that this song offers. As opposed to the straight-forward lyrics, the music undergoes a few different time signatures and tempos that range from something that sounds almost like

Pop-Rock to Power Metal. The instrumentation alone gives “Stagger the Devil” a high replay value. Overall, this song is very interesting. To call this song “unique” would simply be a sin




Song of love Stagger the Devil

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Song of love Stagger the Devil

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