Song of love metal official INTERVIEWS


Bringin’ The Love

We are pleased to meet you Song of Love! How did you get that name?
We think this world needs much more love affection caring for each other and helping each other ans the metal community is much better than the regular world out there in caring for each other

Q: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about your musical aspirations!
We know music can change the world it can change someone s day and bring hope peace and power We want to play real music which will help people be happier

Q: Tell us a bit about how the band originated and your biggest influences in music.
We are originated from Miami florida we are influenced by Metallica Megadeth Iron Maiden classical music some gospel music Bu steel panther

Q: Out of all the songs you have written, which is your favorite?
I love stagger the Devil we only have 2 songs so far well recorded we have like 40 more songs to be recorded amazing powerful and life changing

Q: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for Song of Love.
I play by myself right now until i find true spirited musicians maybe in scandinavia or USA who are like minded

Q: Do you hope to tour this year?
To record 1à more songs to be signed and go on tour

Q: What surprises can we expect when we see you LIVE for the first time?
We are different i saw Ghost yesterday and was surprised how different they are and original we want to bring something fresh to the world out music is very sexual live you can expext your whole body to feel those sexual energies to flow make you feel amazing and transported in a better world

Q: What is your message to your fans?
My message is to never give up on your dreams to know what you want out of life and pursue what you really love to do and not give upuntil you succeed  SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL

Q: Please list your social media sites so our readers can follow you!

Q: Thank you for your time and let us know when and where we can see you LIVE soon!
Yes all updates are on thank you for your time and good questions