Metal Jesus Song of love




FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD Song of love Wake the world better sound bass guitar ABORTED – “Global Flatline” The zombies were already crawling on the covers of many Death Metal groups before becoming fashionable. The Belgian goremaniacs ABORTED and the illustrator Justin Osbourn take them back to devour fools. hard rock bass player video aborted-global-flatline AHAB – “The Giant” Sebastian Jerke returns to delight us with his suggestive art on the cover of the German band Funeral Doom. hard rock bass player video ahab-the-giant AMADEÜS – “Black Jack”   The cover and the libretto between

Tim Burton and the animation cinema, with an atypical art for a Metal group, have been made by Baileri Studio and capture the atmosphere of this conceptual album by AMADEÜS. hard rock bass player video amadeus-black-jack CAULDRON – “Tomorrow’s Lost” Almost any fan would quickly identify this illustration as belonging to a Death Metal album, but it is not like that. The cover, by Todd Kowalski, adorns the latest work by the Canadian heavy metal group CAULDRON. hard rock bass player video cauldron-tomorrows-lost COLDWORKER – “The Doomsayer’s Call” hard rock bass player video  The Swedish artist Pär Olofsson (MALEVOLENT CREATION, IMMORTAL, IMMOLATION) made this interesting cover for his COLDWORKER compatriots, giving his Death Metal a touch of retro science fiction and reminiscent in many aspects to the movie “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang. hard rock bass player video coldworker-the-doomsayers-call DOL AMMAD –

“Cosmic Gods Episode I – Hyperspeed” Amazing the cover realized by Guangjian Huang, in consonance with the electronic and futuristic sound of the peculiar style of Metal of DOL AMMAD. hard rock bass player video Dol-Ammad-Cosmic-Gods-Episode-I-Hyperspeed IRON MASK – “Black As Death” The artist Genzoman created a very special Death

for IRON MASK, in a very comic tone and with a certain resemblance to one of the characters of “Spawn”. hard rock bass player video iron-mask-black-as-death KREATOR – “Phantom Antichrist” Not only has he enjoyed the album of the German thrashers, but also his apocalyptic cover, by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, DIO or BLACK SABBATH). On the other hand, less convincing was that of the limited edition, created by Jan Meininghaus. kreator-phantom-antichrist-album-cover hard rock bass player video PARADISE LOST – “Tragic Idol” The French designer Valnoir (MORBID ANGEL, ULVER, ALCEST, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WATAIN)

brings his style closer to Art Nouveau for the last of the English. hard rock bass player video paradise-lost-tragic-idol SIGH – “In Somniphobia” hard rock bass player video Beautiful cover where they are, loaded with symbolism. Made for the Japanese group of Black Metal – Avant Garde SIGH by the Israeli Eliran Kantor in what is undoubtedly one of his best works hard rock bass player video


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