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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Sweet song of love metal

Our influences Song of love metal

Often when i like a band i want to know what are their influences Especially if the band is original then i know that they listened to some kind of original music that made their music special Power metal band In Song of love metal you can definitly hear many influences that makes the Song of ove sound special power metal music

Of course we started to listen to heavy metal music early on around 16 Fabien moved from france to mexico for 3 years MTV was just starting and they were playing a lot of heavy metal music then Kiss, Judas priest, Van Halen, Iron Maiden

Should i give you the heavy metal bands song of love metal was influenced by? Yes Iron maiden first albums power metal video Rush we can hear this combination in song of love metal instrumentals like Song of love metal babylon is fallen and Song of love metal Ellen white Kiss alive 1 Van Halen, Scorpions Manowar Thin Lizzy Less famous bands like Omen battle cry Odin shining love Leatherwolf Recent bands Steel panther Liliac Motion device Commander in chief

There are many more heavy metal bands that influenced Song of love metal Power metal music For the non heavy metal bands we hear in Song of love metal

We hear some fusion jazz, we hear some classical, we even hear french music and we hear island gospel music Power metal band

Heavy metal is the main inflence for song of love metal But fabien the songwriter often found that heavy metal bands that only listen to heavy metal it reflects in their music and

their sound is very much stuck and non original and their sound is also very repetitive

For example in Van Halen the originality was to mix heavy metal music with crooner music like franck sinatra and fun happy party music

It is a power blend Power metal video Heavy metal music is the main influence because heavy metal music is less corrupted, heavy metal music is more of a self thining men music, heavy metal is the outcast music for those who think for themselves and do not follow the crowds

Song of love metal s bass player fabien grew up in Cannes france French music had some influences such as Gainsbourg, Brassens, Joe Dassin, Claude Francois power metal video

The fusion jazz influences can be heard in song of love metal in the grooves and the tempos. The song of love metal tempos are not 4/4 In fact everytime fabien goes to a studio to record a new power metal music

The sound engineer if he is under 30 will not understand the tempos power metal band Bands such as Mahavishnu orchestra, Magma, Gong, are some of the main fusion influences Power metal music

We can hear some classical in song of love metal such as Paganini, Vivaldi, Bach Song of love metal is a blend i forgit the island music Fabien spent lots of time in florida churches where people are from the carribean islands Can you hear carribean music sounds in song of love metal ? Power metal band

Which song of love metal song do you know ?

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