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Song of love metal brings heavy metal back to the world

AUGUST 22, 2018

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Song of love metal official brings heavy metal back to the world

This article is here to help you to understand the mission of song of love metal official   We at song of love music wants bring music back to the world,  the world has become fake the world has become corrupt the world has definitly has become hypocritical this reflects in the music that we hear

song of love metal  easy to explain but there has been a shift which has gone on in the world.  So delicate to  detects that most people in the world have followed on this new system of thinking.

Song of Love metal make you feel amazing we play music for your soul to feed it  song of love metal official  does not follow the trends nor what’s hip  Those emotions come deep in your soul and make you dream of a better land a better existence

Trend  musicians real songwriting a real message and something that help you understand and feel amazing. Song of love metal official  does not believe that one has to follow the treands to play music. Many  bands follow bandwagons and end up being lame and uninspired which give sun feeling music.

Song of love believe that one has to stay true to their feelings and heart If someone had to just follow the trends then there will be no more improvisation, no more songwriting, no more music from the heart, and the true musicians would have been gone from the earth?

Song of love music expresses their true feelings, the true sensations, and the deepest emotions song of love In facts Song of love metal official does not listen mutch of today’s music, all would be better off  The days are almost gone when true musicians playing real music.

Song of love metal does not want to be fed garbage music When  we can understand that some bands before going to the studio will bury themselves listening to a special band to be immersed and influenced so that their new album will sound in such a way. We can see that the world can be hypnotisez to listen to fake music

Thus we can understand that music is so important song of love band who want to be in the best shape be able to give you which fills your mind with beautiful emotions, powerful  power chords from heaven, lyrics that can change your life, change your day, and make you happier.

How many times a song in the bad day has changed your mood, the feelings have been transformed, and your day has become more beautiful.    song of love metal official

Song of love metal official wants to bring you the music you can you can enjoy without into effect of false trends arou.

So many bands are following the bandwagon yet devoid of inspiration, devoid of originality;  We know that trends do not last, the next trend will some come to wipe away many musicians

Song of love metal because we know the trends pass  today’s fashion will go  and arrive on the scene new music. That old music will go into a billion oblivion, yet the true musicians with heart  music  will lasts because true fan can recognize true music  song of love heavy metal once you to feel your mind with pure music

Pure emotions and lyrics they can teach you something, Aren’t you tired to listen to music that reminds you of your problems, remind you of your bills, remind you of your sorrow, remind you of the violence in the hood, they remind you of the sickness, remind you of the divorce? Why would someone in their right mind want to listen to that kind of musicAnd you know which music i am talking about .

Thinking about bad things will attract them to you it only takes a bad evil  planets to make the world go wrong,

When you can have heavy metal music song of love metal official  which can help you escape to the mountains, escape to the bliss of happiness, escape to the shores of love and have a more beautiful day. Even though you had a hard day then song of love  music can can change your mood for you to be happy,  and be more productive, with  more energy with strength to face your day, face your challenges

Music is what helps you to be happy, i  always wondered why some people feel music a lot and some don’t .  I remember watching a private video of the famous bass player jaco pastorius in this video I remember him playing music and telling everybody around to shut up. Because for real musicians music changes everything Song of love concert helps you understand that music something to be listened to whether then to be talked over

I always hated when people in parties in bars in restaurants use music music to talk over this is terrible to me,  just to talk over. Song of love metal you got something not to talk over to, but to  listen,  the reason why is that  true music is intricate and dedicate and passionate. Very deep song powerful yet sweets and he cannot be listened with something hovering the background

I love song of love music which one listen to and while we listen to this music other bands like Iron Maiden like Metallica like Steel Panther like Megadeth these are not bands have you can listen to while talking on the background  I feel that this music  song of love music to be tucked up in your private parts because it is too precious to be put over some people talking

I have to give two feel things and  different emotions personally when i  listen to music, you cna go to a different world and you can escape your troubles, you can lease keep your present situation for a moment music and help you solutions to your problems is he can help you what’s going on in right now knowing every trouble passes there is solution to every trouble every problem as an answer song of love metal official

Thanks to God that we have  heavy metal to help get us be in the right path get in a different zone in the place of real life which is more beautiful where life is happier where sweetness and power dwell is gentle life is Song of love metal to dream people of a world with people are true people who are real people who are sincere people

who are your true friends? people who are here to help you true metalhead precious sounds touch your mind quite deepl song of love music is here bless you once putting your mind in a different path,  then you can find solutions to your problems instead of dwelling on them, 

this musical escape is precious as you can enable you to find

solutions to go ahead in life to have energy face your day song of love  metal official  easier for you I remember growing up in Los Angeles I used to listen to radio station call KNAC 105 5 this song  will come often great White’s face the day in the

Witch he would say that it’s hard to face the day for many people on eath  this is why that’s there tools to help you get ahead like true music  I see the for some people and music is not such a tool because they don’t appreciate the true sounds

Some people are more emotional than others these are the people who make great music ome people feel things deeper than others personally music and Song of love metal official  is the powerful tool from me to get ahead in life just today I listen to

Ozzy Osbourne bark at the moon zakk Wylde on the guitar jamie my day changed just listening to one song .

We  play music and the used to bless others song of love metal hopefully can touch your heart search your soul and change your life life is too short to live a boring existence if you have dreams go after them if you have wishes go after them

Rejection and failure is the only path to success this is what ‘ve learn please the gurus of success which teach that the  more you fail the sooner you will succeed Many people are afraid to fail thus they do not succeed, failure is good Thel less you are rejected the less you will succeed

Song of love metal official  helps you to receive true teaching inspiration for your life and this is definitely what the world needs today song of love music can skipe yout heart and hopefully the angels of God can touch your heart deeply

Hope you can be blessed and free in finances and personal life  social life be blessed in your house best and may your dreams they come true  as all things are possible Song of love metal official

 I still remember the skillet singer talking to nikki Sixx from Motley crue  He said it seems like the record companies today make bands play pop in a rock way  We want true music true musicians we want people to play the music they feel to the deepest of their soul

This can  bring the emotions you need to be energized from the deepest recesses of the  your soul Song of love metal

in hymns of happiness racing blessing comfort power  sweetness tenderness energy to the listeners we know  song of love metal official   I’m feeling like you can suceed in life the law of attraction really works for you and everyone


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