5 of the best judas priest songs

One of the most esquisite metal band of all times we name Judas priest the metal the leather the band which was hell bent for leather yet called to heaven as the metal kings. Judas priest songs we selected five of the best judas priest songs for you .

Which are your favourite judas priest albums Amazing singer Rob Halford, amazing guitar duo one of the best in the metal world / Let us find out the five best judas priest songs

1 Judas priest songs Turbo lover

Judas priest always played tue metal yet judas priest songs had a period in the which they tried more commercial music . Unlike scorpions of Motley crue or def leppard which totally sold out to the record companies to play lame music . Judas priest returned to play trueh heavy metal music .

This song yet taken from the more commercial Judas priest albums era was an excellent song . Powerful guitar sound I never heard such guitar sound before it is very interesting very futuristic . The song talks about sex and driving motorcycles and the relationship between the two . One of my favourite judas priest songs turbo lover

2 Judas priest songs Victim of changes

I always loved that judas priest songs victim of changes Amazing feelings vocals and tone .

One of the best judas priest albums sad wings of destiny . It is a very intense song talking about a women that goes through changes. Unlink juda spriest british steel which was more metal

Early judas priest albums were more rock . Judas priest did very well in combining rock and metal Judas pries tis like a very oiled machine we see the incredible amount of work that went hrough developping their unique metal sound . We can recognize judas priest sound from a mile away . This judas priest songs victim of changes has a slow part my favourite part in the song .

3 Judas priest songs The sentinel

Judas priest songs the sentinel i could have chosen so many more judas priest songs . This song is very representative of the judas priest highest point in their career . Rob halford vocals and the judas priest machine was running almost on auto piot giving us incredible albums such as

Judas priest screaming for vengence

Judas priest defenders of the faith

Judas priest turbo

The sentinel comes from the screaming for vengence judas priest albums . This album has so many incredible judas priest songs it is incredible such as screaming for vengence, some heard are gonna roll, bloodstone, electric eye, riding on the wind, take these chains

This judas priest songs the sentinel is fantastic it taks about something maybe God talking in the sky to humans and a conversation ensues between humans and God or a celestial creature . Very skilfully done what an amazingly talented band Judas priest albums are amazing too it is true heavy metal music such as Black sabbath Manowar Iron maiden Metallica No fake music here

4 Judas priest songs Freewheel burning

from the judas priest albums defenders of the faith one of the most anthemn metal song of all times . Amazing vocals that at the time totally differentiate with fake top fifty music . And if i consider the top fifty music lame you can imagine what i think about the music industry today .

Judas priest songs freewheel burning very fast excellent metal song which powerful fast vocal line and one of the most famous scream in rock history in the middle of the song Judas priest albums differ much one from the other . It is a very diversified metal band in a music genre, heavy metal which goes from Bon jovi mellow songs to thrash metal bands .

We can compare metal to rap which is very boring and always sounds the same . Heavy metal has much diversity and there could ben a hundred genres of heavy metal . Judas priest british steel of of the breakthrough album for the band .

5 Judas priest songs You've got another thing coming

I had to chose five judas priest songs this one also is an excellent judas priest songs but it is hard to decide five songs as i love judas priest balads such as before the dawn, and angel, run of the mill .

This song comes from the screaming for vengence era a more rock middle tempo song . One of the most famous judas priest songs hit . Judas priest is always famous for their amazing solid rhythm section , for having one of the most influencial metal singer in history .

And having one of the best guitar pair of all time along with Iron maiden, helloween and thin lizzy If you liked this post why not listen watch Song of love metal and listen to them on spotify and online stores

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