5 Most metal country in the world

Let us find out the most metal country ? Which are the five best metal countrie in the world ? After traveling a lot i see where some country is metal and others are not metal . It is ok as we can like a non metal country .

But it is alot of fun to meetl many people on the street who have Metallica Iron maiden Kiss t shirts . We can start conversations with them and make friends . And if you have something in common with someone you are more likely to have rapport . Let us find out the five most metal countries in the world . We could have added Brazil, Argentina, Grece , Japan some of the most metal country in the world .

1 Most metal country Finland

This is from my experience and what i heard . I have not gone to Finland . Did you know i went to Estonia boat station . It was a very cold dark winter day . I did not know if i should go to Finland and i did not . Now looking back i have learned that in north countries you can live not without spending too much my buying your food in supermarkets and not going out . Heavy metal country Finland

The boats were gigantic, the woman at the boat ticket store was quite friendly like Finnish people are and i will definitly go one day t Finland if God wills . Finland is the most heavy metal country in the world . I heard Kiko Loureiro guitar player from Megadeth say

In Finland even the taxi drivers listen to Metallica Guns and roses in the car . I have never seen that in my home country . I went to the north countries and here is a tip. In Europe usually the more north you go the less thug is it and the more metal it is . The more south the more rap . Grece is an exception .

I went to Estonia close to Finland and even they said that Estonia is very metal and hard rock country . I asked a girl on the street Do you know what Finland is famous for ? She did not even know and she lived a few miles from Finland .

As Estonia 's capital Tallinnis just a boat ride away from Helsinki the metal capital of the world . Yet this woman did not even know . Finland is definitly heavy metal country , i did go to Finland just the airport with my parents and brother . And we were counting how many people were wearing metal shirts .

I think we counter about two hundred in about thirty minutes. I have not see two hundred people with metal shirt in France or the United States in five months . Finland is definitly the most metal country Finland had 53?2 Metal bands per 100000 residents.

We are not counting people who listen to metal but only people who not only play instruments for metal but people who are in a real solid band . That is a lot . It would mean that thousands more Finnish people are into heavy metal .

Hard rock country Finland i would love to see the statistics for how many out od 100 000 people in Finland do listen to metal. That would be staggering


Here are the stat for metal band for 100000 residents

FNLAND 2381 metal bands 5 587 442 people

ICELAND 113 metal bands 354 234 people

SWEDEN 2281 metal bands 10 261 767 people

FAROE ISLANDS 11 metal bands for 51953 people

NORWAY 1007 metal bands 5 509 491 people

Yet worldwide metal bands Usa is number one as it has a bigger population . Counting all number of metal bands in a country United states is number one

USA 17 557 metal bands 21?62 percent of all bands

GERMANY 5762 metal bands 7.05 percent of all bands

BRAZIL 4173 metal bands 5.14 percent of all bands

ITALY 3623 metal bands 4 .46 percent of all bands

UK 3244 metal bands 3.99 percent of all bands

2 Most metal country Iceland

Iceland is a north country so for sure they will have heavy metal . In fact it is funny just the idea of vikings rough and strong listening to rap music dancing and moving with gold chains . It does not fit . The countries i visited in the north such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia have much more metalheads than south countries such as France and Spain .

Africa does not have much heavy metal country yet there are a hard rock country culture in Africa , especially i the east in Uganda, Kenya .

I know that the president of Indonesia is a metal fan so in Asia Indonesia is a heavy metal country and Japan has always been big into rock . Japan is a great hard rock country . Iceland is definitely on e of the biggest heavy metal country in the world ; but we see their polulation is very small . Yet in this small countryr many people listen to true metal music . Iceland the land of Byork is most metal country

3 Most metal country Sweden

Sweden is the home of Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen, Candlemass, Opeth, Bathory, Arch enemy . Sweden does not mess around with metal. North countries are much into death metal . Yet we see that in the Finnish town of Tampere is where there is a great glam metakl scene .

I saw a youtube metal channel from France that would to metal travel to Sweden to see the places and sights where is favourite metal bands live and recorded . The colder it is the more metal you need to keeo you warm in the winter . Usually north people are honest and straight forward people . It is interesting to note that music goes with your personality .

The more fake someone is and crooked the more they will listen to rap and hip hop as these music genres and very sketchy . Heavy metal country Sweden is the land of true honest people . North people tell the truth and do not waste time in fake insinuations. Hard rock country Sweden

4 Most metal country Faroe islands

This is a very small island archilepago between norway and Iceland . Again we see the heavy metal culture in the north . This is such a small place that to find metalheads there is amazing . But still the people from Norway and Iceland must travel to the

Faroe islands and bring in their good taste in music . Faroe islands heavy metal country . I am sure some metalhead arrives in Faroe island and meets someone and says have you heard Megadeth . Faroe most metal country

And as more and more metaheads arrive in Faroe islands more of them are inclucated of listening to the true genre of music . Most metal county Faroe Islands . This is how heavy metal spreads one person at a time . You show heavy metal country to your friends some show it to others and it can be like wildfire.

5 Most metal country Norway

Norway is also a north country, the land of true black metal they say . Norway is the land of Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, these bands are not something to play with .

This is very fast and furious heavy metal bands . The north people have the number one spot in heavy metal as young people there want to follow the vibe and many do not follow rap because it does not fit with their viking society .

I could have added Argentina Brazil and Greece massive heavy metal country . Especially Greece if we count which european country in the continent has the most metal bands, it is Greece . My original country France has never been a ver metal country . Yet we have one of the biggest festival Hellfest . And my adoptive country

United states still has the most heavy metal country lost bands in the world . But it is not like it was in the 80's . Will heavy metal country return and people be tire dof rap and garbage fake music ? If you liked this post why not like suscribe and listen to Song of love metal and follow them on spotify and online music stores

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