5 Best heavy metal singers

Who are the five best male metal singer of all time There are many good and best rock metal singers of all time In this list we could have included many more persons that have changed the world of metal Here are five best male metal singers for this post

1 best male metal singers
2 best rock metal singers of all time
3 best metal singers 80s

For the best male metal singers we will not give an exhaustive list but of course there are many more good and best metal singers 80s in the world .Five best male metal singers 

The vocals in and are very important I love some bands who do not have a good singer yet the and is amazing Examples are rush and Megadeth These bands are amazing but the vocals are not the most excellent . 

1 rob HalfordI definitely think that Rob Halford is the best singer . Because of the quality and clearness of his vocal range i rank Rob Halford of Judas priest as the best metal singers 80s We have examples of this in victim of changes

The screams in the end of the song are quite excellent The scream in screaming for vengeance the power vocals in breaking the law are of the most excellent quality . Rob Halford is number one in my list as best male metal vocalists

Personally I see all talent to come from God and all glory belongs to God I am not worshiping these person's . But I respect the fact that They developped their God given talents to a high degree best rock metal singers of all time

2 Geoff Tate Queensryche Geoff Tate is quite an excellent singer and Geoff Tate is number two in our list for best male metal singer i regret the fact that Queensryche did not keep on recording kick as metal music but Geoof tate is  one of the best rock metal singers of all time 

The power of the vocals in queen of the ryche or warning Best male metal singers The first few Queensryche were the best After that it seems some band get lost with the record company in an endless loop of trying to please the early fans yet binding their soul in selling music before playling real music 

3 Ronnie James Dio Ronnie James Dios is recognized as one of the best male metal singer ever The power in Ronnie Dio vocal range is quite impressive I love the song evil eyes the vocals in this song are stupendous Some best rock metal singers of all time can sing really high like Rob Halford and Geoff Tate the power of the vocals of Ronnie Dio were in the incredible sound that came out whe Ronnie opened his mouth best metal singers 80s

4 David CoverdaleI dont see David Coverdale enough in the best male metal singers of all time I reember i grew up listening to Satan Jockers they had two singersRenaud Hantson and Pierre Giraud They were very influenced by Deep Purple in the era when David Coverdale and Glen Hugues were the singers best metal singers 80s David Coverdale has both powers very low ans high vocal range and similar power vocal as Ronnie Dio The emotions in the songs and the songwriting is excellent with David Coverdale ans he is one of the best metal singers 80s I remember i was in Ukraine playing metal songs on bass and a drunk guy came over and he kept saying please play Aint no love in the city When we played this song he was very happy David Coverdale is ranked as one of the best male metal singers

5 Zouile Sortilege Zouille definitly does not have anything to be ashamed about compared to american or english singers. After all these years , looking back we find out that Zouille is onf of the best male metal singers Zouille of Sortilege also has that impressive very low or high vocal range ? Zouille has that Ronnie James Dio vocal range

Zouille is one of the best rock metal singers of all time The songs from Sortilege are quite excellent their two albums are some of the best metal albums of al time . Zouille best rock metal singers of all time The band sortilege is reunited for our great pleasure

We only see them playing shows in europe We hope to see sortilege in the united states south america or australia soon The band song of love metal has two albums out Song of love metal orgasm planet Song of love metal love and truth Why not listen to them now in any music online store

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