5 Best heavy metal concerts ever

Updated: Jul 24

These are the five best heavy metal concerts i have seen. There are many more as i grew up in Los Angeles and there were heavy metal concerts all the time. In Los Angeles you could literally go to a different concert everyday.

5 Best heavy metal concerts

1 Queensryche Santa Monice civic center

What to wear to a heavy metal concert Qeensryche is an intellectual classy band. Queensryche was one of the best concert i have ever seen. The sound was so good that it was better then the album. I do not know who the sound engineer was. But i have never heard such an incredible powerful sound in a love heavy metal concert.

It was a heavy metal concert near me. I lived in Santa Monica seventh avenue and the concert was in santa monica civic center. Just a few minutes away from me/ I have seena lot of heavy metal concerts near me there. Motorhead with Wendy o williams and Megadeth opening. Vain, Venom, and so many others. Los Angeles was a mecca for heavy metal concerts

2 Kiss Los Angeles

This was the craziest show i have ever seen. They say Kiss fans are the best. I believe it. I have seen more violent bands like Metallica opening for Ozzy in los angeles forum with Cliff Burton on bass. I have seen slayer and Venom . But the kiss fans sometimes don't wear anything at a Kiss show.

I was almost in the front row. And there was this hot girl being undressed by guys around her. She seemed to enjoy it. Her boobs were out. Kiss in los angeles was one of the best heavy metal concert near me i have seen.

The sound was very powerful and Kiss is one of the best live band ever. I regret that Ace and Peter are not there, there was much more magic with Peter criss ans Ace Frehley. They should make peace and bring magic back to the fans so what to wear to a heavy metal concert ? Basically you can come wearing nothing ah ah

3 Omen troubadour

Omen is a powerful band. I consider them one of the best heavy metal band ever. What to wear to a heavy metal concert. Omen is more power metal , middle ages themes. It would be good to wear leather and denim at a Omen concert.

Omen was a heavy metal concert near me. It was in Los Angeles and the sunset strip was not war from my house. Omen has some of the most powerful songs in heavy metal like battle cry, be my wench, into the arena and gates of hell. Incredible vocals and very unique metal riffs and deep mind wrenching themes and sounds. Omen was one of the best heavy metal concert i have seen

4 France festival choisy le roi

This was my second concert ever. I have seen quiet riot in Mexico. Then i went back tomy country france and my third concert was deep purple in Paris. Then my fourth concert was Dio in Los Angeles. France festival was not a heavy metal concert near me. Yet i wa sin vacation in france and took the opportunity to see some of my favourite bands from the french new wave of heavy metal.

I am very thankful looking back to have been at this heavy metal concert near me as later on all record companies stopped putting any advertisment in french metal and the whole scene collapsed. What to wear to a heavy metal concert.

France Festival was in 80 s a lot of denim and leather and bullet belts There were so many tallented bands it wa sincredible. The energy and the happiness of those kids playing live is something i'll never forget.

Bands like H bomb Sortilege Blaspheme Warning Demon eyes Satan Jockers The festival went on for two days. There were two scenes, one for the smaller bands , one fo rthe bigger bands. To headline first day was Satan Jockers, headlining second day was trust

5 Manowar Los Angeles the valley

Thas was an amazing show. I have seen Manowar two times. Both times were in Los angeles with Ross the boss in guitar. Heavy metal concert near me It was south from Los Angeles in a club. I remember Joey de Maio at the end of the show pulled a woman up with one arm and brought her backstage and rock and roll happened.

This was kind of a weird heavy metal concert as there were few people and it seemed many people in the club did not know Manowar. I think many were customers of the club that happened to be there when Manowar played. People were amazed at the powerful band that was playing. I think many became fans that day What to wear to a heavy metal concert. In Manowar shows you can show your boobs either small r big they will give us a good day

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