5 best heavy metal album covers

Updated: Jul 24

Which are the best hard rock album cover of all time. We are taking into account the album cover and the music and the overall imaginative and innovative art that came out from that best heavy metal album covers There would be hundreds of heavy metal albums that would fit the slot we took a few heavy metal album art randomly

1 Best hard rock albums covers

2 Best heavy metal albums covers

3 Best heavy metal albums art

1 Iron maiden piece of mind

Any of the first Iron Maiden albums could fit the slot as best hard rock albums covers. All Iron maiden music i believe until somehwere in time was perfect excellent and good. No bad song came out The first few Iron maiden albums were long, very innovative and much incredible music was made in all these years such as the world ever saw. Iron maiden as best heavy metal albums covers

The best heavy metal albums covers Iron maiden has some of the most beautiful art ever done in the music industry It is very possible that Iron maidens success came from people being intrigued at the Iron maiden album covers and they bought . Then they found out that Iron maiden s music was exactly as the cover said Iron maiden piece of mind best heavy metal albums covers

2 Kiss Alive 1

This is called the best live album even done. Kiss alive one Kiss alive one ranks number two as best hard rock albums covers Interesting to know that Bill Aucoin invested so much in Kiss that One time Paul Stanley asked Bill Aucoin if he could borrow a few dollars.

But when Paul Stanley saw that Bill Aucoin had holes in his socks he refrained from asking. Bill Aucoin was twenty thousand dollars in debt at that time . The first three Kiss albums did not sell much Kiss alive one as best heavy metal albums covers

But when this album came out Kiss alive one it broke records and became one of the best selling live album of all time. Kiss alive one was kick ass best heavy metal albums art Those songs that were not well recorded in the first three albums came to life and were very powerful

3 Metallica Master of puppets

The sound in Master of pupets Metallica was astounding I remember i lived in Los Angeles and going through the streets of Santa Monica and listening in my car speakers master of puppets was an incredible experience . Metallica ranks as number three as best heavy metal albums covers

All the songs are very powerful and changed the face of modern music I still see the first two albums as very powerful also kill em all and ride the lightning Which has the best heavy metal albums covers Master of puppets does Which album has the best songs? I dont know Metallica was on top of its art with Maste rof puppets

4 Lilliac Queen of hearts

A new band and you know that very few new bands deserve the title very good or excellent But Liliac is extremely kick ass and amazing Liliac queen of hearts as best heavy metal albums covers There is not one bad song in Queen of hearts they all are quite amazing and kick ass

This is one thing i love by very good bands they bring out extremely amazing content and rarely come out with a bad song. It is a sign of greatness Liliac could be the best band last twenty years with Steel panther, Motion device and Commander in chief Liliac queen of hearts as best heavy metal albums art

5 Ozzy osbourne blizzard of oz

Should i have put a Black sabbath album ? I think blozzard of ozz is incredible Ozzy Osbourne at a time of undertainty we see greatness came out of that time when Ozzy Osbourne left black sabbath.

As number five best hard rock albums covers Randy Rhoades was playing guitar. Ozzy was seeking a guitar virtuoso and finally after much seeking and desperation someone told Ozzy Osbourne about this young guitar teacher in Los Angeles called Randy Rhoades

There are only good songs in blizzard of oz I dont know, Mister crowley, crazy train, dee It seems like blizard of ozz is a best of because there are so many good songs in this album It deserves best heavy metal albums art slot

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