5 Bands that make up the big four metal bands

I am going to do my own version of the big four metal bands . The big four are the most famous thrash metal bands in history . I love slayer but i am going to add other bands .

What is thrash metal is it a genre of heavy metal that was started in the 80s by bands such as metallica and megadeth . Who did start this genre of music ? Some people say that slayer was playing thrash metal before metallica . Let us find out the best big four metal bands .

1 Big four metal bands Metallica

Metallica is the most famous heavy metal band in the world right now . Untill rap passes away from fashion . The big four metal bands This is what we have i love metallica i love less the last few albums . But metallica from kill em all, then ridh the lightning, then master of puppets are some of the most incredible metal albums of all time . The big four metal bands must have metallica in it

Thos albums defined thrash metal for the world . At that time there was not like today 100 metal genres you had the mellow metal bands and the thrash metal bands . The mellow metal bands were called the posers and the fast metal bands were called thrash metal . I love both genres of music Big four metal Those first metallica albums are some of the best music ever written .

2 Big four metal bands Megadeth

That famous story when Dave mustaine then guitar player for metallica was fired and said What no second chance? Dave mustaine made his own band called megadeth . Compared to metallica, megadeth last few albums are better musically .The big foud metal must include megadeth . Some of the best guitar players in metal played in megadeth such as Marty friedman, Kiko loureiro, Chris Broderick, Chris poland, Jeff Young,

Big four metal Megadeth one of the tightest line up today i metal music Kiko Loueriro possibly one of the most versatile and skilled guitar player today . The new drummer is the best for me since Gar Samuelson .Today Megadeth drummer is Dirk Verbeuren . Sadly Dave Ellefson was fired from Megadeth For me Dave Ellefson is the exact fit for Megadeth on bass The big four metal

3 Big four metal bands Testament

I like Testament much more than Anthrax , i like anthrax but looking back with time i do not like the so called cool vibe they wanted to out out mixing with rap musicians i hate that stuff . I love it when musicians just let the music do the talking . Anthrax is a good band but Testament lets the music do the talking Big four metal bands included Testament .

The real big four metal included Metallica Megadeth Slayer and Anthrax I love chuck Billy s personality very kind, sweet and laid back . He is native american and they are good people . I love good people . Testament music is very fast incredible guitar playing with Alex Scholnick Big four metal my list inclused Testament one of the best thrash metal band in history

4 Big four metal bands Death angel

I was going to put Anthrax here for the fame they have had in thrash metal but death angel is a much better band in my opinion . Even tough Anthrax has an amazing singer Joey Beladona , Death angel also has an excellent singer, good songs and excellent shredding guitar players . The big four metal

Songs such as bored in the which the drummer was only seventeen at the time . And songs lik ea room with a view and i came for blood, the moth, voracious souls . One of the best of the big four metal bands Death angel . Real songs , real vocals , melodious thrash metal music

5 Big four metal bands Overkill

The number five on the list of the big four metal Overkill i never understood why they were not more famous as they have amazing songs . Overkill has excellent look and powerful dreamy presentation . Overkill just looking at their albums makes us want to listen to them . Dan Spitz from Anthrax played for a while in Overkill . Overkill started opening for Megadeth and thus started to get a good following .

Big four metal bands has one of the best thrash metal band in history Overkill . Overkill had real vocals also no growling . A real singer, unique songs . Quite a fast band . Overkill are not exactly a thrash metal band yet they play fast heavy metal Overkill has 19 albums out you should check them out Big four metal bands Overkill

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