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Song of love metal love and truth came out last year Song of love metal again brings us power metal songs that will be anthems for a long time such as 

Song of love metal american man

Song of love metal stagger the Devil 

Two songs i really  like in this album i feel could have been recorded much better And we can see that when listening to the demo versions which were 100 times better that the versions found in Song of love metal love and truth are

Song of love metal signs of the end

Song of love metal adventist metalhead

The reason i heard is that Fabien Song of love metal bass player and composer got a drummer to send the tracks at the last minute and these tracks were not very good quality Check out the demo versions very badly recorded 

We hope in the futur when Song of love metal has a real line up these songs will be re recorded which will give them their prosper shpere in the metal world 

Song of love metal Metal Jesus and 

Song of love wake the world are quite excellent songs 

Only wake the world has a part that i think needs to be eliminated in the end of the songs Overall the chorus is massive and the songs powerful and pretty Song of love metal Metal Jesus could be the anthem for the band Song of love is also a pretty love song 

This album Song of love metal love and truth kicks ass Yet the recordings could be much tghter the reason is Song of love metal is still a one men band Fabien hires drumers singers to play the parts and from far away the songs are not as tight as could be . Song of love metal we cna immagine the songs very tight with a real line up and live they will definitly kick 100 percent more ass than the first recordings 

It reminds me of Kiss first albums the songs were excellent but the recordings lame and bland   This is how we cna see Song of love metal in the futur in a live setting