Life in the Scandinavian town of Metalclit

SEPTEMBER 21, 2018

Life in the Scandinavian town of Metalclit


There was a time when the city of METALCLIT  was peaceful and quiet. the main of of the town was SONG OF LOVE  everybody loves each other ihere was so much prosperity that we were trowing  coins in the ground . But one day but one day we saw from the shores far away  the ships of the hip hop fleet. all field wIith tags and gangster energy

How can i describe it , we live in such a beautiful town how METALCLIT,  there are very long plains, then 1 mile down the road opposite from the sea, that are sets of hills. THey  go higher and higher until the back heels is realy a mountain.

The first set of hills is small,  then there are more hills in the back,  and Heal the heels all the way in the back or will it all and so beautiful.  but we can get such a feeling of beauty then we can be transported to Heaven.  song of love metal official

The plains of METALCLIT  belong to the King Of The Universe that brought this faithful people  to this beautiful land. the king of the universe news of the people of the world would become corrupt.  it will start to listen to fake music, and they would start to act in the base manner. Song of love heavy metal

everything is quiet beautiful.  Life is magnificent in METALCLIT we enjoyed the most powerful,  the most beautiful heavy metal music ever made. our music has never been corrupted  by the wall outside our land. we retain the purity of the true heavy music spirit. Song of love metal official

the land gives  away the most beautiful fruits and vegetables.  With hardly any work the tomatoes grow big as the head, the cucumbers are 6 feet long.  the fruits are so delicious, they we can get the feeling of immense pleasure lasting for a few days; Song of love metla officialm

most people are very happy in METALCLIT  there is such peace and harmony as it has never been seen from the Earth.  we often hear the shots of joy and happiness, so powerful so deep, so great and so long;  we can wonder how can the people of METALCLIT can be so happy.

Most people in METALCLIT only have to work 1 hour day to satsfy their needs,  put money on side; and to be able to a long period of vacation. We have used party  in METALCLIT The ring the which we drink the love ale. this drink makes you feel so amazing.  the pleasure can flow in your mind and in your body for years to come; we have so much happiness,  we have so much unity that life flows gently in METALCLIT

We have metal concerts in the night, The Bends are invited are quite mighty. the heavy metal festivals can last for 6 month Megadeth Metallica Iron Maiden Slayer Steel Panther are a few of the Bands they can play on the same night;

yes during our metal festivals nobody works; . we are quite an amazing time; the band Song of love was the headliner one night at the metal festival. And everybody got an orgasm that lasted about a week. well it is time for The Heavy Metal festivai METALCLIT Song of love metal official

then the Creator of the universe also looks at the shows with a probation, it sounds lightning flashes in the sky, multi colour rainbows. and quite an amazing only show as nobody has ever seen except the people of METALCLIT . we are very thankful to be able to listen to truel music. many people the other lands used to listen to true heavy metal music. Song of love metal official

that’s they got corrupted by the media, but the legalist world, and by their leaders who wanted a society which was more prone to fakeness, more prone to a traitor mind and and imbued with self. did you not regard the people of METALCLIT

Because we are loyal, because we tell the truth, because you are brave, because you are sincere. and because we love the true metal Fellowship. and our friendships last for a lifetime. all the other lands I’ve come to accept the fakeness of rap music. and now their lands are filled with fakeness, egotism, disloyaldy, and corrupt brains; Song of love metal official

The ladies of the Land of METALCLIT  are the hottest you can find on Earth;   they always win the boob size competition;  and every year they also win the strongest pussy competition;  this is because our land grows the best fruits and vegetables which is our main source of nutrition.  because our women listen to True heavy metal music Song of love heavy metal official

And their minds have not become corrupt like the women of the other towns.  because also in METALCLIT city everybody reads the book of Truth daily. the book of truth strengthens the mind for doing good and shunning evil;  the Book of Truth is read also every seventh day which is the day the Creator of the universe made for us to spend time with him and fill our hearts with much love, much happiness, much kindness;  Song of love metal official

every seventh day is the day of worship.  We all gather in the immense heavy metal Halls to hear the  word of Truth Spoken by our messenger David Ellefson Then we can learn about the Prophecy I’m just coming time when the whole world will  be able to listen to true heavy metal music Song of love heavy metal official

you can hear out of the words that our hearts can only be the made new, transformed by the LORD OF THE LANDS  by spending time with him, his invisible presence comes close to us; he comes to her hearts; he sees what needs  to be changed; to be more like Him. true loving, loyal, sincere, forgiving, trustworthy

we hear of the message that all the lands will be made new. That every town in the world will have a heavy metal center .  and a word of truth center. yes the women of METALCLIT are the most beautiful. the most stunning. in fac one day a week they  travel down the street totally undressed; we know that this gives inspiration to the heavy metal bands of METALCLIT Song of love metal official

In fact in METALCLIT  women are totally allowed to caress their clits, to touch  the man. everybody gives each other much pleasure. which develops the skill of giving love and receiving love.  the witch the people of the other cities do not have , because they spend their time in legalistic conversations.  because they spend their time. talking behind each other’s back. because the people evil and hates the love Song of love

but it is of METALCLIT  do not act in such a way,  we spend much time loving each other,  giving each other pleasure.. We often can see on street corners,  in the parks, in the town halls people having the most amazing sex.  do women are METALCLIT are such experts that’s no man in METALCLIT will never think to go to a different town to find pressure.

women in METALCLIT  can walj around the boobs in the air do you want to;  the women of METALCLIT cal walk aroundwith no panties if they chose to do so.  in fact we have much more freedom than counties like LEGALISTIC FAKENESS and SELFIMBUED

in METALCLIT  we have massive heavy metal speakers that can blast up to 200 miles around.  we continually feel joy, we continually feel happiness, we are continually prosperous.  but one day from the shores sorry we so the ships of FAKEMUSICLAND his country is known for having especially fake music that producers make from randomly hitting notes.  this is so disgusting to us. Song of love heavy metal official

they have heard of our disgust of  their fake music. because the singers can’t sing, their music is made ffrom samples and it is only fake machine made. Because no ple plays their music and people do not see the difference and thei styll buy their musical production knowing that there are only machine. Song of love metal official

So when they heard about our disgust they  to make war against us; they were a thousand ships strong.  very powerful army .with such colorul sails. Each boat had a different name One of their boat was called WHATSUPP  onother of their boat was called FAKE TIL I DIE another of their boat was called FAKE MUSIC LOVE

As they came closer to the shore  we thought out lives would be son ending.  We were not prepared for such a swift entrance in METALCLIT land.  they took us by surprise. The people of FAKEMUSICLAND are known to  strike behind ones backl like cowards they rarely attack from upfroont.  They like to sting while their enemies are asleep. Song of love music Song of love metal official

the ships landed on the shores;  we did not know what to do. in fact most of us for drinking the LOVE ALE  we were feeling much happiness peace and joy. thousands of soldiers of FAKEMUSICLAND started to walk on our beaches.

Everybody was running  in every Direction. Our doom was sure until the true heavy metal band played. This stop the enemy in its tracks.  They did not know what to do. listening to true metal music was too much for them. Their minds were so accustomed   to listening to take music, but such sincerity, such musical kill was unbearable. Song of love metal official

 we saw all the Soldiers of FAKEMUSICLAND Escape for their lives.  we got hold of their King and their princes. will layed them down on the ground on their backs.  We put speakers on their ears. Each was forced to listen to a different band over and over . the king of FAKEMUSICLAND   finally died llistening over and over again to Kill em all Metallica. Song of love meta

his mind was so full of fakeness and conformity that he could not bear the sounds. All their man fled away back to their land. Our soldiers followed them back to their mands. They burned their radio stations their fake music entreprises and destroyed all their fake music production. We were rewarded by the LORD OF THE LAND with much prosperity and happiness many years to come   Song of love metal metal official

1 days back from the war I was walking on the hill of MASTER OF PUPPETS When i saw TORD what stunning eyes she had.  we stopped for a moment; looking at each other saying nothing. What a love tension there was. my heart is beating fast.  the hIll of MASTER OF PUPPETS is close to the exit of town. where we can see The Great woods where our ancestors fought for the book of Truth and to be able to listen to True every metal music. Song of love metal official

now that the  war is over, we can take our fill of love.   did not expect this love moment. But as the sun was setting there seemed to be  like sparking lights in the clouds above; her eyes seem to be growing with intense light.   everything around us was forgotten. there seemed to be like a light from which i could see in her mind. 

there I could see I’m so unique special.  I always liked women were gentle sweet Kind. A little timid. Who seem a bit lost and who do not follow this world’s way of doing. It is hard to find but i found her.  I took her hand I will walked to the hills. The wind was dancing around us like a deep symphonic metal concerto. Playing with her hair, moving her long bright red robe. Song of love  metal official

I forgot all about the past  i did not think about the futur. She She took her dress down,  and took my hand; I carressed her breast gently. The tip of her boobs became hard and bigger.   she became very excited. I could feel her breathing becoming deeper and faster/ Song of love metal official

she was feeling so amazingly hot and horny.  Her whole body was shaking with pleasure. I glided on her chest from the tip of her breasts to the bottom going thus back and forth. This made her feel so amazingly good.  I could see her getting more and more excited; she took off her dress completely. I started to caress her legs. I could feel her getting wet. Song of love metal official

the more i caressed her, the more she became exited.  I put my hand on her pussy. her lips were really engorged and excited.  Her clit was getting bigger. she was feeding much pleasure. iShe was really enjoying the moment Song of love metal official


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