song of love

True viking love in Truden Song of love metal official

True Viking love in Truden song of love metal official

This is heavy metal love fantasy

she was walking down   the stony path on the left side she had  the mountain; on the other side there was the seashore;  big waves wear crashing down where the beach was and crashing down the cause shores of this northern city of Norway   song of love metal official

song of love

she was wearing The long blue dress,  she was going to the Odin temple. A cold wind was rushing on the large breasts  as she walked gracefully in this stunningly beautiful landscape Song of love metal ;   she lived in the small farm Town of Truden most of the villagers also like to worship Odin Song of love metal officialAmerican man

they asked Odin  for they and the family  members to one day after the battle of life,  to be received and to the gate of Valhalla. they spend their lives  fighting for the land; These northern people are courageous, they are loyal,  they are filled with integrity, the never Back Down only in the case the sun falls on them Song of love metal offcial

they like to have a good time and refresh themselves in the evening  with the drinks of the of the Gods. hard-working they enjoy true metal music we steal the soul with power,  which fills their souls with which strength, which fills their souls with hope beyond the grave. Song of love metal official

as our beautiful lady works down the hills of Truden,  she hills of Truden she feels all over the body a deep sense of  pleasure, a deep sense of peace, , an immense feeling of happiness.  the men are few in this town. but she wants to find love. true metal love.

as the sun is setting down on the right we can see his reflection on the sea.  far away in the distance we can see the immense Viking ships which won more than a battle ,and  stand almost undefeated. Song of Love metal official. a few weeks ago loud Corsica came back from battle. They went to the land of the Franks.

song of love

the spoil  has been great  and now the whole town of Truden  can live in prosperity, in happiness,  in peace, and in love. yes they can now think of her love.  they can give themselves up to immense pleasure. as no one will dare attacked the town of the NORSK people.  their armour are strong as steel. their ship crash through the ways of the sea far and wide. and terror comes to the people who reveive their baleful visit. Song of love metal official

the path is long,  for our beautiful metal lady. Her name is Anette. ; the chef time to dream,  just time to let her mind go unto the veils of love. she is carying the ODIN book.  in his book are written the path to Valhalla; the true ODIN follower needs to be courageous,  the the true ODIN folflower need to be loyal. Song of love metal official

the true ODIN follower is true to his beliefs. The true Odin follower is true to his clan. He would never betray  his land, you would never betray he’s family; he’s ready to die for the honor of ODIN and the viking heritage. Song of love metal official  .  before the Westies tonight Anette is going to the Odin temple. there iit stands far away

in the distance.  you still can see the great ways of the sea on the right but at the end of the mountain  on her left. a little path shows the ODIN temple of the town of Truden. It has four majestic towers. the worshippers of ODIN  going to have a good time. they like to recite the stories of the past. when there was a big flood that destroyed all the world. And only eight true vikings were left. Song of love metal official 

song of love

The music is loud and powerful ,  it fills your senses with the awesome and greatness of  true worship. The loud rings of the cymbals, resonator throughout the hills of Truden. All the true followers of Odin come gladly to refresh your soul and their spirit. From the weekly labour and they give thanks to the true Odin for his kindness in giving them food. In giving them victory over the enemieS in giving them the daily gladness the receive. Song of love metal official

A deep silence is made in the assembly. The priests where is the Black crown, long black clothing, his name is crime on his pectoral LIVE FOR THE TRUTH OR DIE BEFORE YOU LIE is majestic beard, the look in his eyes. With such deepness, such sincerity that the grad is mesmerised. As the band finishes to play the last MANOWAR song Hail to England Song of love metal official

TORD the priest starts explains how the Saxons can be defeated and receive true music. TORD plans to band true Norwegian metal to the land of the Saxons. They chose a few of the true young men to send them the true norvegian music that will change the lives of the SAXON population. Song of love metal official

As the worship continues a man enters the temple. He has a long white beard; his name is PRAYA everybody turns around. Is a Voyager; and he says I come from the land of Islandia. I am here to visit your towns in my land we have a similar worship as yours.

song of love

We know that one day the Earth was destroyed by a flood many years ago. Only eight true Vikings were saved Today I have come and i have been sent to give you more information about what the true Viking means Song of love metal official

Now is the time for you to here that the Earth was corrupt, and the Earth was full with hate and fake violence, so the great true ODIN sent a man to the world for them to know and understand that he would destroy them all. These eight true Norsk people live close to the town of truden. This is why that your hand is the true land of metal;

You’re not ashamed to send true metal wherever you see it. In our land as long as we are happy to hear your conquests new destruction of the hip hop land. They thought themselves brave and strong but they found out that the true Metal people are much stronger Song of love metal official

The time for me to explain more in detail the way the true worship of true ODIN Because very soon many lands will make void on the planet and from the world truth and true knowledge. They will not want people to know the truth that 8 man lives on the Earth before the Earth was destroyed faithful to their beliefs Song of love metal official

At that time also the Earth you don’t like the truth of of the lord ODIN the time now is for us to come back to true worship, and to know that we can find and give truth to others. We can play true metal music with a which we can come closer to the creator of the universe, which helps us to bring his love into our hearts. Song of love metal

song of love

Now is the time for all of us to see that when you read the book I will trust when you read the book of ODIN  and this daily and this is the solution for us to find more TRUTH because true ODIN will reveal to us the truth in his book so we can know more about him;

doing  thus, then we can find love,  because it is true ODIN s love that has created the universe  Your love is poiwer Come closer to him to reading his book, Also come close to Odin by  helping the weak, and by asking victory over your enemies which hate the truth. Song of love metal

And this is the  time for you to find out to have this daily connection with true ODIN  without an existing connection to TRUTH that will help you to get closer to LOVE  Now before it’s too late keep the truth in the hearts because in this land of the Truman we know the truth as shone throughout the Universe  and you know the way. As the world becomes more fake and cowardly then gather strength from their cowrardness

As you know that the town of  TRUMAN was chosen by true ODIN  to send sunlight of love to the universe . as soon as the speech  was done everybody agreed on the wonderful discourse given. Our beautiful Anette  was staggered. this man look like a mountain; is piercing blue eyes shone through the souk. her heart began to pound   faster and faster as his word came on on his mouth.

song of love

When you priest  ended the speech.  fire came out of his mouth;  this fire surrounded the head of the true  worshipper; we could feel such deep and intense love glowing all  around the house of worship, I need a heart of the townsman of TRUMAN.  Anette waited sitting on a bench. as PRAYA passed by. most worshipers left the room.  then he gently said to her. Song of love metal official


you sound like a  fan of Megadeth/ Anette answered ‘how did you know’ Praya answered  Because I see reflection behind your eyes of Rattlehead. Anette answered wonderful. Praya responded. We know that Rattlehead is  the true being and he helps to bring to metal the crowds they can buy the false sounds of rap music or rnb. when Rattlehead is sent  by his master’s Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellison, Kiko loureiro, and Dirk Verbeuren  Song of love metal official

Sometimes the whole town turns with weeping when they realise they have been listening all their lives to the fakest and most corrupt the most hypppocritical music ever made. Song of love  PRAYA said to Anette come to my shed i have the latest album from Steel Panther.

They are a group of jolly folks who enjoy true metal music and who likes to take part of the pleasures of the flesh. Anette agreed.  On their way they stopped by overlooking the sea. The wind was sweet . As PRAAYA recalled his past experiences travelling. Anette’s heart jumped in her heart; Those eyes, that look was so strong that she told herself. AM i falling in love? Song of love metal official

song of love

she was deeply attracted by PRAYA s faithfulness, by his integrity and by his love for the truth. Even though  she lived in one of the most truest towns in Scandinavia, Anette loved to see such a beautiful fireign man in TRUMAN;   Song of love metal

They arrived where PRAYA was staying A room overlooking the now quiet sea. No more winds. He put on his leather music holder Steel Panther lower the bar;

as the song  Momentary epiphany came on  Their Eyes locked one with to the other. PRAYA  approaches lips to Anette’s lips touched. In this moment the hole room shook. A great fire shown around them and from  

their hearts came such light as can only seen in the north slopes of Norway. this is the sign of True Love . this is a sign that Their Hearts will be one forever.  it shone red blue yellow green; with great intensity. Song of love metal official

This is the sign that they will love each other so strongly that  you will be cold the FIRE LOVE in the which the greatest happiness will fill their heart strong and true. 

PRAYA started head banging Anette did the same .  as this one on then and there was her approving of the true sense of music,  approving of the nobility of the being, and they birthing relationship. they went on all through  the night. headbanging to Metallica Kill em All, headbanging to killing is my business and business is good


Anette loved to put on Slayer hell awaits even though she loves to worship the TRUE ODIN  the sounds of Slayer hell awaits bringing the good feeling of power to be true for the rest of the day. PRAYA  himself taught Anette that OMEN battle cry is quite some worthy sounds to be listened over and oover again Song of love metal official


song of love

song of love

the battle cry lives on . Even though TRUMAN  the town is totally quite after its repeated victories.  they love to hear the chants of victory resounding throughout  the hills. Every evening the town of TRUMAN gives a weld metal concert to its citizenships. Song of love metal official


overlooking the town of TRUMAN there is a tall mountain .  over there the lamps on the Earth which give 2 million watts of power . Sound the praises of heavy metal true music the hillsl shake with metal pleasure The bannd is so loud that Even in far away lands The aftershoks  were felt by all people who listen to rap music of hip hop. Song of love


Why  would this be so .  this is so because when someone listens to rap music long time.  the Minds become corrupt From listening to fake music. and when the true sounds of heavy metal music comes to them  they cannot bear the purity of the music and they died. sometimes doctors say this person died from FAKENESS Song of love metal official

Only  one time the Rap army tried to come and take over the land of the NORKS.  but they were defeated . because of rap cannot handle the purity of heavy metal music.  when the army of dj LOWCOCK came around. they thought themselves strong. disease because in their town murder, lying ,  stealing , defrauding is rampant. Song of love metal official

they thought  themselves strong to do evil.  they did not think that TRUE ODIN  was on their side. they came to the shores;  are we still from Far Away their ships. With sails that said  WHATS UP WE ARE AS FAKE AS THEY COME ; on the other Shore was so some other group of ships that came also from the land HOODTOWN Song of love  metal official

song of love

they were lead  by DJ iONLYSAMPLE  his last name is CANTPLAYMUSIC  they had those ships filled with tags colorful tags all over. They blassed such fake music from their boombox, that it angered true ODIN.   Our priests asked the metal band to play overlooking the mountain. And when the fake music lovers came to our town, then the sounds of Harwired for destruction were heard so loudly that all those ships exploded . Song of love metal

what a sad story for those who only seek for themselves   Who are filled with themselves instead of helping others, blessing the needy,  helping the poor, forgiving those who hurt you. And what a sad sorry for those who don’t seek for truth. And end up listening to such fake music . They are all dead now and only true heavy metal music lives on. Song of love metal