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Heavy metla music bands rock

Black metal is a music genre that originated in the 1980s and has developed into its present form mainly in Norway, Sweden and Finland in the early 1990s. Today there are many black metal bands globally, but most, and the best known, originate from the Nordic countries, mainly Norway. [1]

Black metal bands often try to create a smooth and cold sound through fast tempo, highlighting the genres roots in rock and heavy metal, simple guitar patterns, sharp and violently distorted electric guitars and grumbling or screaming vocals. However, there are also more experimental bands within the genre, such as Arcturus and Enslaved. Many black metal bands try to connect their music and texts with a certain ideology, often extremely right-wing [2], although there are also examples of left-wing black metal bands, such as Wolves in the Throne Room. The music style is also characterized by extreme aggression, hatred of Christianity and sometimes tribute to satanism. [2]  song of  love metal official

The first wave of black metal began in the 1980s, at the origin of thrash metals, and among the pioneers were Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. [3] The second wave was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, especially in Norway, where Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Emperor made black metal known to a wider audience. Although there has not yet been a clear third wave, modern black metal bands from the 2000s, including Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, have combined new elements with the first and second waves to represent the music.

Black metal is generally considered a sub genre as it does not aim for mainstream music’s typical media visibility, and black metal artists often try to keep their lives unknown and mysterious to the outside world. A well-known example is Darkthrones drummer Fenriz, who has always tried to keep himself and his band out of the media’s spotlight, [4] among other things refusing to act live [5] and thanking no for an Alar prize nomination. [6] Properties  song of  love metal official

Black metal typical audio may vary. However, most bands make use of a screaming or grumbling vocal and a very distorted guitar that will help create a gloomy mood. [7] The most commonly used instruments are guitar, bass and drums, where the guitar can often appear dominant, sometimes dodging the vocals, while the bass is often largely non existent. The drums often use very fast blast beats. [8] The ropes are often simple, and there are only a few shifts inside the songs. [9] Black metal often seems very chaotic, as the musicians deliberately have avoided the traditional rock music formulas. [8]

The first black metal bands had developed their music from speed and thrash metal, and influenced by punk and NWOBHM. [3] The compositions themselves were not the target in itself for many black metal bands, which was in stark contrast to a related metal genre, the death metal, where the songs were often very sophisticated and technical. Bands often used many items from other genres (blast beats were already used by hardcore punk bands, the guitar style was taken from thrash metal and the grumbling vocal was from death metal). The second wave arose in Norway as a response to the death metal. [10] Where death metal contained many tempos shift and change of tactics, black metal instead searched for very few changes, and repeatedly repeated the same chord patterns in an almost hypnotic form. In contrast to the demolished guitars in death metal, Balck metal musicians generally chose not to tune theirs, and the above-mentioned adds them a more treble sound during production. [2]  song of  love metal official

The American Nihilist Underground Society has described black metal as “dark and fast music that uses melodic development to express its themes.” and has described the difference between black metal and death metal by the fact that black metal “has all the technique and the rhythmic intensity of [the death metal] with more emotional and understandable poetic communication in the music.” [11] Death metal and black metal were closely related through 1980 but later only developed separate associations where death metal was “death / deconstruction / structure” while black metal was “melody / Satan / feeling.” [12]

Black metal differs from most other metal genres because image is at least as important as the actual music. [9] It was for example. commonly known that the members of Venom and Hellhammer were not particularly competent musicians. [2] Conversely, for example, Mayhem / Dimmu Borgir drummer Jan Axel “Hellhammer” Blomberg has been celebrated as one of the most competent drummers in metal music. [13] Black metal deals with textual, especially anti-Christian and satanic messages. [2]  song of  love metal official

Early black metal artists often preferred deliberately poor album production. [2] The mood that the music created was more important than anything else. If Swedish Bathory has a music journalist and author Ian Christe said that “their guitars sounded like a sewing machine, the drums sounded like some tears of wet cardboard in

The black metal melodies often deal with anti-christianity, chaos, satanism, occultism and other paganism, but a minority of black metal bands also sing on racist, fascist or nazist themes. Others, including the leader of the early Norwegian black metal scene Euronymous, [23] saw worship of Satan as well as criticism of Christianity and the other abrahamic religions as a direct necessity before a band could be termed black metal. [2]

Satan is also used in some black metal lyrics as representative of the animal and natural in man, as Christianity, according to the general mood in the environment, has forced people into submission and forbidden them by nature. [2] Shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper became documentary film Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey referred to as an inspiration source on some points when Satan entered his texts in line with other ‘shocking’ topics. Cooper himself was pretty sure if anyone wanted to start satanic cult, it was unlikely they would do it through rock music. [3]  song of  love metal official

Individualism is emphasized as a positive feature of black metal. [2] In many black metal lyrics, the ultimate freedom, often in the form of Satan, is celebrated, reflected in the extreme tribute of chaos. Misanthropy is also often seen – this topic has been investigated by Keith Kahn-Harris, who, for example, mentions the American magazine Wheremyskin, which contained the message “kill all holy, kill all else and kill yourself.” [2] Some black metal musicians also isolate themselves from “common people”, which they consider they are superior. [2]

Quotation Initially, Satanism was based on the ideas of the individual’s freedom and not to join any community group. Then satanism became an attitude in which resistance to rules and what led to it became a rule in itself, which was quite paradoxical. The moment I do something to please the masses, all I’ve done before will be a lie. [24] quote  song of  love metal official

Ihsahn about black metal rules
In addition to satanism, fantasy themes also occur frequently in black metal. Viking metal deals with stories from before Christianity even came to Scandinavia. Landscape and nature are also popular topics with tributaries of forests and mountains instead of the places people live today. The American writers H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard have inspired a few bands, [2] while J.R.R. Tolkien and his trilogy The Lord of the Lord also inspired some groups, including Gorgoroth, who took their name after an area mentioned in the books, [25] and Burzum, which means “Darkness” in Mordor’s “black language”. In Austria, the pioneers of epic black metal Summoning wrote almost exclusively texts about the Lord of the Rings, and their album Oath Bound from 2006 even contained a song, “Mirdautas Vras”, which was sung in the “black language”. Even the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas have influenced certain black metal bands. [26]  song of  love metal official

The songwriting’s treatment of “evil” was an important cornerstone especially in the early black metal. However, the current black metal also contains several other elements that are not found in other genres. The former singer in the Christian metal group Trouble, Eric Wagner, has talked about how bands like the thrash metal group Slayer and the heavy metal band Danzig were referred to as “black metal.” [27] Both had lyrics that referred to death and dark, but are not classified as black metal. [28] [29] Bands whose musical style is reminiscent of black metal, but whose lyrics refer rather to a positive angle on Christian subjects called “unblack metal” [30] – a style that the Australian one-man band Horde was pioneer in.

Live Concerts

Immortal is a well-known example of a corpsepaint-bearing black metal band that also plays live. Here is the band’s frontman Abbath.
Unlike most other music genres, many black metal bands never live. Some bands would not even be able to organize tours, as they have only one member. Others, including Darkthrone, [5] just do not want to appear. Burzum’s only member, Varg Vikernes, has stated that he did not want to appear because he had a different motivation for making music than traditional rock musicians. [31] Other bands, eg. Satyricon, conversely, chooses to hire additional musicians when they perform live. The live concerts that are held often have quite colorful scenes – an example is Immortal, whose frontman Abbath Doom Occulta often breathes fire. [32] Many other bands also make a lot of scary stage shows, and some even practice black magic on stage. [8] song of  love metal official

The early black metal bands took advantage of an original outfit. Venom’s members dressed in leather pants and sometimes also in t-shirts or similar. Mercyful Fates King Diamond popularized the use of black and white face paint. He got the idea from his own idol Alice Cooper’s face painting, and combined it with a reversed cross and similar symbolism.

The well-known black metal band Darkthrone was accused of being Nazi when their album Transilvanian Hunger contained the phrase “Norsk Arisk Metal” written on the cover. The critique led to the band on the cover of their next album, Panzerfaust wrote, “Darkthrone is certainly not a Nazi band nor a political band, those of you who may still think so, you can lick Mother Mary’s asshole in eternity.” [41] Burzum has also been accused of Naziism. [42]

Only a few bands, including the American Wolves in the Throne Room, have distinguished themselves by having leftist ideology and publicly supporting things like radical ecology and “eco-feminism.” [43]

The first wave
The first black metal bands, popularly called “the first wave of black metal”, emerged in the 1980s. Their music reminded me more of thrash metal than it has been for subsequent black metal bands, [3] with the exception that their texts referred to dark and satanic subjects.

Satanic subjects were something that even some of the early 1970s rock and metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Black Widow had dealt with. Although these bands were far from the extreme styles of current metal music, they also contributed as inspirational sources to the later black metal. [44]  song of  love metal official

The term “black metal” was used for the first time by the British band Venom, where Conrad “Cronos” Lant often used it in an interview to distinguish it from the traditional heavy metal bands. [45] Venom’s debut album Welcome to Hell contained many satanic texts and occult imagery, but the first black metal first appeared in 1982 with Venom’s second album, Black Metal, which also gave the new music genre its name. [44] Venom’s music reminded a lot about NWOBHM with elements from both speed and thrash metal, but with a different sound image, which in many ways was untouched in the production. The guitars were much stronger than in other heavy metal genres and the vocal was very “unclean” as less emphasis was placed on melody and more emphasis on raw, screaming scream and tribute to Satan. [46] [47] Venom’s members also took strange tire names, “Cronos”, “Mantas” and “Abaddon” – something that at that time was most unusual.

Two years after the release of Black Metal, in 1984, another of the first black metal bands was formed: the Swedish band, Bathory. [48] Bathory took the black metal sound a step further by combining furious fast songs with violent treble guitar and a little bit of bass, drumming, blast beat-embossed drums, and especially Thomas Quorthon Forsberg’s shrill and abnormal singing voice, combining scream and grumble, and later became a huge inspiration for the black metal genre. [49] Later, Bathory was also among the pioneers of Viking metal, a subgenre of black metal. [50]

Celtic Frost at Tuska Open Air Festival in 2006.
Black metal spread rapidly to several countries in Europe in the early 1980s. Common to the countries were small but dedicated prisoners in the underground.

The Danish band Mercyful Fate, formed in 1981, was another important pioneer in black metal. [48] The lyrics of the songs contained many references to satanism and the occult, and the band’s songs, King Diamond, were among the first to use the like-looking face painting, called corpsepaint. [33] Swiss Hellhammer (formed 1982) and Celtic Frost (1984) experimented, among other things, with black metal, [51] and had significant influence on the second wave.  song of  love metal official

A single band from the first wave came from South America: Sarcófago was formed in Brazil in 1985 and was among the first to use corpsepaint in an attempt to look as non-human as possible. Your face painting has later been hailed as the first “true” corpsepaint. [33] Similarly, Japan brought a single influential band to the first wave, the band Sabbath.

The second wave

The Norwegian band Gorgoroth has been stirring several times because of their controversial stage show, which has encompassed crucifixes and disguised animal heads.
The “second wave” of black metal originated in Norway in the early 1990s. This wave was led by Mayhem, but also Burzum, Darkthrone, Emperor, Satyricon, Immortal and Enslaved were among the pioneers; [3] the latter also in viking metal. The wave was based on the first wave – something that, among other things, was expressed by the fact that all Mayhem band members took their name after Hellhammer and Celtic Frost songs. song of  love metal official


The Norwegian front figure for the second wave, and former Mayhem member Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth have also called the German thrash metal bands Sodom and Destruction important sources of inspiration, calling their records “black metal masterpieces.” [52] Unlike in the first wave, the new musicians sought to make their music more powerful and intense with medium-sized guitars and highest screaming vocals to foster a raw and “cold” sound image. Several bands also make use of satanic or otherwise scary props to amplify their “evil” image. Det norske  song of  love metal official