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Alternative, Hard Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Punk, Heavy Metal best new bands and Co – We inform about the music styles of rock and metal
As rock music are several music styles that have emerged from the Rock’n’Roll referred. These include, for example, Hard Rock, Punk and heavy Metal music video clips . Rock and Metal can be called together as music styles. Rock bands are considered to be typical figureheads, as well as their instruments such as electric guitars, ebass, drums and synthesizers. Learn about the history and characteristics of rock and heavy metal music video download

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If one speaks of rock music, it refers to music styles that were created by mixing rock’n’roll with other music genres such as blues or beat. The flagships of rock music include the rock bands. These typically use electric guitars, drums and e-bass, but synthesizers and wind instruments are sometimes used.

History of rock music  heavy metal music videos on youtube
Origin of rock music is the Rock’n’Roll, which made its breakthrough in 1954 with the song “Rock around the Clock” by Bill Haley. The style of Rock’n’Roll was similar to the African American rhythm and blues. In the 1960s there was a stylistic shift in rock’n’roll in England. good heavy metal bands new

Pioneer of rock music
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are the main pioneers of rock music. While the Beatles performed melodic and harmonic beat songs, the Rolling Stones preferred a rougher sound. The birth of Rock is the release of the Rolling Stones song “(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction”. heavy metal best new bands

rock scene  heavy metal music video download
Although rock music was highly controversial at first, over the years it has gained more and more fans. In addition, she had the image of being rebellious and revolutionary. Finally, there was a strong connection with the hippie scene, which in turn resulted in the emergence of a folk-oriented rock music.

However, the rock scene was not only composed of peace-loving hippies, but also of violent rockers, which they increasingly splintered. A process that was forced by the music industry for marketing reasons.  heavy metal music video clips
On November 9, 1976, 13 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the GDR band “Puhdys” first appeared in the “factory” in Hamburg, bringing Eastern rock to the West for the first time.

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The initiator of this action was Peter Schimmelpfennig, who worked for a record company in West Berlin in 1973, and by chance listened to the music on GDR radio and was enthusiastic about it. After a number of problems with the then authorities and DDR record companies, including the VEB record label Amiga, Peter Schimmelpfennig could acquire the licenses and organize the concert in Hamburg.  heavy metal music videos on youtube

After the Puhdys the famous bands Karat and City came into the care of Peter Schimmelpfennig at the end of the seventies, so that about one million records were sold by the band Karat.  good heavy metal new bands

Young woman in sport outfit on treadmill listens to music through headphones
The prejudice that hard rock and heavy metal best new bands make angry and aggressive and heavy metal music video clips l fans in general aggression problems, fortunately long been part of the nursery tales. An Israeli study has even shown that rock music on the contrary even ensures happiness and balance.

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have confronted 175 subjects in role-playing games with negative situations. Before the confrontation, the subjects should listen to selected pieces of music themselves.  heavy metal music video download

In addition, the subjects were interviewed before and after the role plays to their health and their feelings. It turned out that Hardrock and heavy metal music videos on youtube created a kind of constructive rage in the subjects, which made them solve the problem more easily, so that after the confrontation they had the feeling that they had successfully mastered the situation and were therefore generally happier and more balanced than the subjects, who had not heard any rock music before.

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Rock styles and elements of rock music
Among the various rock styles include u.a. Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock and good heavy Metal.bands new  In addition, elements from other music genres such as soul, reggae and jazz were used in rock music.

heavy Metal best new bands 
heavy Metal music video clips  is particularly drums and guitar oriented

The origins of the heavy metal music videos download  are in hard rock and blues rock at the beginning of the 70s. This style of music is particularly drums and guitar oriented.

Since the 80s, many Substile came about; Death heavy Metal music videos on youtube , Black Metal or Power Metal were and are very common. Meanwhile, there is also a wide range of music techniques – from very simple song structures to elaborate compositions, partly with reference to the classical music.

good heavy Metal bands new is particularly popular at the annual music festivals. A lively exchange with other fans and the artists is typical of this style of music, which is now internationally widespread. Bands that have shaped the beginnings of metal are

Black Sabbath
Deep Purple as well
Led Zeppelin.
heavy Metal best new bands  is especially popular at music festivals
heavy Metal music video clips  is especially popular at music festivals
In the following, we will take a closer look at the different styles of rock and heavy metal music videos download

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Alternative rock
Alternative rock is understood to mean different variants of rock and pop music that deviate from their usual structures. A subform of alternative rock is indie rock.

Development of alternative rock
The alternative rock started in the mid-70s. In this time fell the releases of the albums “Horses” by Patti Smith and “Metal Machine Music” by Lou Reed. In addition, the group Sex Pistols was founded. heavy metal music videos on youtube

These three events are the trigger for a development that eventually led to the emergence of alternative rock. Initially, however, the new styles of music were called Independent and New Wave. good heavy metal bands new

Style mix in rock music
A typical feature of alternative rock music was experimenting with styles that were not considered compatible with rock. The starting point of these experiments was the Punk Rock, from which the New Wave emerged. Promoters of this development were bands like  heavy metal best new bands

The Police
The Clash
The Damned as well
Siouxsie and the Banshees.
These incorporated elements of surf rock, glam rock and reggae into their works. In the 1980s, even hardcore punk people began to combine their music with other styles such as metal, blues and hip-hop.    heavy metal music video clips

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Until the music industry was interested in the new styles of post-punk, it took until the late 80s. After that, more and more independent bands were recorded.

Success of the 90s
In the 1990s, alternative rock finally became firmly established in the music scene. He even managed to compete with conventional rock. Among the most significant interpreters of the Alternate Rock count  heavy metal best new bands

Alanis Morissette
Foo Fighters
Life of Agony and
Heather Nova.
Alternative rock and indie rock differ from the usual structures of rock music
Alternative rock and indie rock differ from the usual structures of rock music
Hard rock heavy metal music video clips
Hardrock is a harder version of rock music. Often Hard Rock also serves as a collective name for different rock styles such as Industrial Rock, Punk and Grunge.

His roots are Hard Rock in Rock’n’Roll, Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock. But also the beat music from the sixties exerted a significant influence on the genre. Hard Rock was especially popular between the late sixties and early nineties.  heavy metal music video download

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Features of the Hard Rock  heavy metal music video on youtube
The features of Hard Rock include a strong emphasis on backbeats. In addition, solos such as guitar solos occur in numerous hard rock pieces.

Otherwise, the usual song scheme of pop music is used. However, there are bands that bypass the usual scheme.

story  good heavy metal bands new
Its beginnings had the Hard Rock between 1968 and 1975. To be considered pioneers of this genre

Led Zeppelin
Alice Cooper
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Nazareth and
Uriah Heep.  heavy metal best new bands
Above all, Led Zeppelin exerted strong influence on later bands like AC / DC, Kiss, Rush and the Scorpions.

Second phase of Hard Rock heavy metal music video clips
Characteristic of the second phase of the Hard Rock, which lasted from 1975 to 1982, was the impetuous simplicity of the music. However, the hard rock had to deal with the competition of punk rock. In the 80s, the Hard Rock approached the pop music increasingly and reached a climax again. heavy metal music video on youtube

At the beginning of the 90s, however, new music styles like alternative rock and grunge gradually displaced the hard rock from the market, although at the same time influenced it. From the year 2000 onwards, a retro wave set in, with groups such as  heavy metal music videos download

good heavy metal bands new

The Answer
Wolf mother and

Hard rock as popular dance music in the disco
Hard rock as popular dance music in the disco
Rock’n’Roll  good heavy metal bands new
Rock’n’Roll is the abbreviation for Rock and Roll. This refers to a musical genre that emerged in the 1950s in the United States of America. The Rock’n’Roll was not just music, but also expressed the life of the protesting youth. In addition, he is the origin of rock music. heavy metal best new bands

Typical of rock’n’roll is that its bands out

a singer
a guitarist or pianist
a drummer and
a bassist  heavy metal music video clips
put together. Sometimes other instruments such as a saxophone are used. The rough vocals are accompanied by a hard beat. Closely related to rock’n’roll is rock’n’roll dance.  heavy metal music video download

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, there was a culture of rebellion in the United States. The ideals of many young people included restlessness, an underdog life, and drugs while rejecting bourgeois morality.  good heavy metal bands new

good heavy metal bands new

In this mood, the musician Bill Haley (1925-1981) landed in 1954 with “Rock Around the Clock” a hit that set the whole country in excitement. A new style of music called rock’n’roll was born. heavy metal best new bands

International breakthrough
As he was not unlike the popular swing, he arrived in a broad public. The new musical genre reached its international breakthrough in 1955 with the movie “The Seed of Violence”, which dealt with juvenile crime at a school and in which Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” was used as film music. After the breakthrough of Rock’n’Roll followed in the second half of the 50s more new hits from stars like  heavy metal music video clips

Elvis Presley
Chuck Berry
Jerry Lee Lewis and
Little Richard.
recipe for success
Rock’n’Roll is dancing well
Rock’n’Roll is dancing well  heavy metal music video on youtube
The recipe for success of the young music genre was that it broke with social conventions and triggered strong emotions. However, rock’n’roll was also often accompanied by scandals and drug use by various performers. Also for this reason Rock’n’Roll was heavily controversial in the USA.

The influence of bourgeois and religious groups went so far that in the late 1950s a ban on the rebellious music genre took place. As a result, many stars retreated or tried to adapt. Rock’n’Roll was again history in 1960 in the USA.  heavy metal music videos download

good heavy metal bands new

His resurrection is the beat music that emerged in England at the beginning of the 60s. Rock’n’Roll is the origin of rock music.

Resurrection of Rock’n’Roll  good heavy metal bands new
However, the popularity of rock’n’roll persisted. So it came in the 70s to a kind of resurrection, since the music was played again and many bands imitated the old stars of the genre. Shakin Stevens & The Sunsets were responsible for a rock ‘n’ revival in the late 1970s, creating a new generation of rock’n’rolls, which included:

Crazy Cavan and
Stray cats  heavy metal best new bands
included. It also introduced new styles such as Teddy Box Rock’n’Roll and Neo Rockabilly.

punk heavy metal music video clips
Another variant of rock music is Punk Rock. This was created simultaneously with the punk subculture.

Typical of punk rock is that it is simply knitted and has aggressive text content that addresses social or political issues. The composition of a punk band is mostly like that of a classic rock band. That is how it is made heavy metal music videos download

a singer
one or two guitarists
a bassist as well
a drummer.  heavy metal music video on youtube
Punk rock can also be regarded as the raw form of rock’n’roll. Its basis is the punk subculture, which strictly rejects social and civic values.

good heavy metal bands new

As the year of origin of the Punk Rock, whose precursors Rock’n’Roll, Glam Rock and Protopunk belonged, is valid in 1977. So this year created style-forming bands like  good heavy metal bands new

The Clash
Sex pistols
Ramones and
Generation X
her breakthrough. However, the heyday of punk was short-lived as it became increasingly commercialized and captured. In addition, over time, more and more artists moved away from the origins of punk.

Fragmentation of the music genre heavy metal best new bands
Finally, at the beginning of the 1980s, the music genre split up. While some bands like The Clash continued to follow the original style, other groups like the Ramones and Sex Pistols only celebrated it as a show.

Other groups in turn became New Wave bands. In addition, subforms of punk rock formed like heavy metal music video clips

Folk punk
Hardcore Punk
Gothic Rock
Anarcho-punk and


good heavy metal bands new