heavy metal music video clips

Finland is famous for its heavy metal music, so it is not surprising that the children’s offer includes this musical genre whose maximum exponents are the reptiles of a band called the Hevisaurus. christian heavy metal music videos The resounding success of this concept, at once enjoyable and educational, has led to its export to other countries. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

Children around the world tend to like catchy and innocent music, pop chewing gum style. But the Hevisaurus, however, have preferred to be guided by other paths: christian heavy metal music videos

The shows of this quintet combine heavy metal with dinosaurs. Disguised as dinosaurs, the band displays performances that do not exceed 85 decibels on stage, a harmless figure for the little ones. heavy metal music video clips

Designed for children between two and nine years old, the group gave their first concert in September 2009. That same year their first album Jurahevin kuninkaat (“Kings of the Jurassic metal”) made its way comfortably to number five in the list of best sellers in Finland. christian heavy metal music videos

With songs that talk about chewing gum, drinking milk and joining the army of saurians, their popularity has only increased. In 2012, Kadonneen lohikäärmeen arvoitus (“The enigma of the lost dragon”) reached number one on the local lists. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

65 million years of musical evolution
Despite its blatant mise-en-scene, it’s surprising to see that dinosaurs are much more timid than you might expect. The reptilian band leads this curious journalist to his human representative, Jan Streng. heavy metal music video clips

“What the Hevisaurus offer are fun characters, beautiful stories, music, colors and lights,” explains Streng. “Although the band has a hard point, it’s not scary.”

By combining leisure and education, the group meets the main goals of children’s music. heavy metal music video clips

“The lyrics talk about topics as varied as harassment or behavior on the road and send a positive message about how to act with rectitude. However, although education is important, it is not everything. ” heavy metal music video clips

Given that in his repertoire include the double pedal bass drum and the scream of the guitar solos, it must be recognized that the music of the Hevisaurus does not exactly have the function of a lullaby. But one thing is clear: What they are looking for is to make everyone move their legs, when they do not shake their christian heavy metal music videosheads.

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

Streng continues “It is undeniable that many adults attend our concerts. We are a band for the whole family. ” heavy metal music video clips

The television is on at Petri Niemi’s house; he has the DVD of the live concert of the dino-metal band and they are singing his popular single Räyh.

“The one I like the most about the band is Komppi Momppi,” says Niemi’s six-year-old son before launching enthusiastically to hammer an improvised drum made of several scattered pillows on the sofa. Papá accompanies him to the ukulele, demonstrating his lifelong love for heavy metal. heavy metal music video clips

When he has recovered his breath, Niemi says that “The Hevisaurus play quality heavy metal. They know how to take out the wild side of the kids, but without risk “.

Joel’s passion is not limited to the four walls of the crowded living room: with his kindergarten friends he has created his own band with which he plays the songs of the Hevisaurus and other groups. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

Niemi makes it clear, “He not only listens to heavy music, he also likes other kinds of genres. But yes, he has left his father: his is heavy metal and I am proud of it. ” heavy metal music video clips

Prehistoric export booming christian heavy metal music videos
The color of heavy is no longer black, but green: The success of the Hevisaurus has led to the concept being exported to a country as far away as Argentina.
Photo courtesy of Hevisaurus heavy metal music video clips

The clamorous success of the band in their native country has made the concept export abroad.heavy metal music video clips

Argentina already has its Heavysaurios, who travel the stages singing songs in Spanish. Another difference between the Argentine and Finnish performances is that adults are present among the public in much larger amounts. The popularity of heavy metal in the South American country is such that many adults go to concerts without children. heavy metal music video clips

And considering that there are plans to export these heavy dinosaurs to other countries, it does not seem likely that they will go extinct, unless in the short term.

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

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This is a wikia where all the genres of Metal, as well as in all languages, come together to form a source of information. In this wikia you can find your favorite group or soloist of the musical genre that we are so passionate about, which is metal. christian heavy metal music videos  It is still a new wikia so you have a lot of information about your favorite group and it is not yet added to the list of bands you can help us writing your article so that people who also support your favorite group know about it. heavy metal music video clips

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heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

As we make progress, I will inform you in this thread of them. On the other hand, that does not mean that whoever wants to collaborate can do it from now on. Little by little we will give it shape, but the main thing is the content itself. christian heavy metal music videos  That’s why I encourage the creation of articles from now on and later, as we can all edit, we will implement those changes in the form, what they do is expose the info in a more clear and structured way. heavy metal music video clips

what was said; As we go forward, I will comment, especially in what has to do with the use of templates (this is a luxury). You will see, already. heavy metal music video clips 

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Also, keep in mind that when they edit, they always give the preview button. if you like the change you have made -> record. christian heavy metal music videos  Otherwise, do not record. if it is the case, that for example, they put something that seems good to them today, but 10 days later they do not like it, the good thing is that it can always be corrected or improved. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

The following communities actively support this wikia. In addition, in a future page we will include not only the forums that collaborate, but also each one of the users who, on a personal level, edit the articles. heavy metal music video clips

Long live heavy metal?
Many believe that heavy metal has lost its roots and has no generational change: it is time to wonder if the genre is able to adapt to the new times christian heavy metal music videos

“In the 80s, heavy was the music of the workers’ neighborhoods. This at a social level has been lost. There was a change when hip hop appeared, which was a more vindictive music, “says music journalist Richard Royuela heavy metal music video clips

Myths The whole Camp Nou jumps for Bruce Springsteen
The Rolling want to deaf the campaign of Donald Trump
Ten reasons to mourn Prince’s death heavy metal music video clips
TAGS: Heavy metal, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

It is a perception shared by many that rock culture has less and less followers among young people, to the detriment of other music such as electronica, Latin urban rhythms or hip hop. But what about heavy metal? christian heavy metal music videos  Is it in good health that it has been one of the most popular styles of recent decades? heavy metal music video clips

Always far from the mainstream media focus, heavy, and its various ramifications, it is presupposed a great strength at the social level. Not in vain, his followers have always been considered the most faithful and incorruptible.christian heavy metal music videos  “It is difficult to say categorically because comparisons in perspective are difficult,” says Dani  heavy metal music video clips

Álvarez, presenter of the Boulevard program on Radio Euskadi and a prominent genre enthusiast. “However, there are incontestable data. For example: there are more festivals than ever. In addition, groups such as Iron Maiden continue to make mammoth tours and travel to countries where only a decade ago heavy metal did not exist: Indonesia, China, El Salvador, South Africa, etc. “. heavy metal music video clips

Everything seems to indicate that the heavy is gaining new public and expanding beyond its usual borders but … do you gain followers also among the young people here? For the musical journalist and director of the promoter Background Noise, christian heavy metal music videos  Richard Royuela, the age pyramid of the genre is very unbalanced: “Heavy is basically composed of veterans. But that also happens in general with pop and rock. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

That they say that heavy is in good health, is not true. It is common in music that has its roots in the 60s and 70s. There is no generational changeover. There are kids who like heavy, that’s clear. But you live differently. Before being heavy was a way of saying ‘here I am’, it was a way to express yourself. ” heavy metal music video clips

The hip hop competition
Heavy metal culture was initially closely linked to industrial and worker zones. Not surprisingly, many place their birthplace in Birmingham: an English city dedicated to the steel industry that saw the birth of bands such as the mythical Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. heavy metal music video clips

In spite of everything, these elements of identification of the heavy music have been lost with the years, and that has caused that neighborhoods or peripheral cities, before considered bastions of the sort, stopped being it. In this way, it was considered heavy as a much more transversal culture. “In the 80s, heavy was the music of the workers’ neighborhoods. This at a social level has been lost. heavy metal music video clips

Above all, there was a very important change when hip hop appeared, which was a more demanding music.christian heavy metal music videos   And this has never recovered. At this level the heavy has lost its connection with the neighborhood “says Royuela. heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

Dani Álvarez agrees with the idea that heavy rock has lost its ability to connect with young people: “The values ​​that inspire many metal letters, especially those that have to do with the rejection of the Catholic religion, do not engage with the new generations, whose life is not conditioned at all by religion. ” heavy metal music video clips

For that reason, for him “it is logical that the lyrics of hip hop connect better with young people and adolescents: nonconformity, breaking rules, social content, etc.” He also points out that, depending on the socioeconomic characteristics of each country, the Heavy culture lives differently: “This music is an excellent way to escape from reality, but also to fight against it. christian heavy metal music videos When we are in well-off societies, the way of living it is completely different .That explains why in Europe there are concerts to which the public attends as if it were the opera and, nevertheless, in Chile the audience is absolutely wild. ” heavy metal music video clips

heavy metal music video clips
heavy metal music video clips

Long live (or not) heavy metal!
As with other music, heavy metal has ceased to be linked to a series of very strong social and identity relations that gave him that iron faithfulness among his followers. And this can be an important handicap in the coming decades. christian heavy metal music videos  For Royuela, “the classic references of heavy are going to be lost.” According to him “there are many people who are wondering what will happen when the big groups retire. heavy metal music video clips  Will the codes change and will there be new groups or will the thing end with the tribute groups and little else? ” heavy metal music video clips

Dani Álvarez is much more optimistic: “Heavy metal is a prisoner of the transformation that the industry is experiencing. We are in a change derived from the Internet and globalization. I do not have a crystal ball but the one that best suits this new jungle will succeed. ” christian heavy metal music videos  And he adds that “in any case, there will always be weird guys in class who will need the metal to join a movement that, in some way, continues to be outsider. Sometimes, even losers. There is something that has not changed in 45 years: if you like heavy, you are heavy. And the others call you that: heavy. ” heavy metal music video clips

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