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What can you to help the music world heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

We can continue today on the tread we were doing yesterday. You can read the article on SONGOFLOVE.ORG We noted that there is a censuring process going on in the world. Sadly many people are jumping on thing censuring thing, as it was the thing to do. But sadly it restrains them also at the same time. heavy metal songs download

i see that bands used to be more open about things they could say. But it seems that bands cannot say what they want. Bands cannot play what they want rock mp3 song download. This is something i want to investigate more.heavy metal songs download

I know that something is going on. When i see young kids coming to me on the street wearing Kiss t shorts and they say. I hate today’s music.heavy metal songs download

Then i know i will make enemies. But i know that something is going wrong in the world today heavy metal mp3 songs free download. The music world is only a reflection of that corrupt world.

heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

When i heard the Skillet bass player and singer tell Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue ‘The record companies seem to want bands to play pop music in a metal way’ that’s when the light came out.

No wonder that today ‘s music is so boring. There is an agenda behind it. The music industry and i understand it, is loosing a lot of money. Which i think is very sad. metal mp3 songs download.

When i grew up the only wat you could listen to music was through Mtv or the radio. If you liked the band. Personally i would go to tower records on sunset avenue in Los Angeles and buy the cd english rock songs download

Then i would come home and read the lyrics, and see the picture on the front cover and enjoy my amazing new music. This is what i did with Master of puppets from Metallica. I believe that musicians should make money out of their work. As in any industry, your work deserves the wages. metal mp3 download

heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

especially when it comes to music, i highly regard musicians, as i think they are changing people’s days. They are changing people’s lives. People who did not have energy, people who were depressed. Listening for example to a Manowar song, have their lives changed. rock mp3 song download

They should be payed highly for their music and their hard work . The free download music business needs to stop. There is a side to free music, when it is for promoting bands. Like youtube is free and bands promote their music through youtube media heavy metal songs download

But because the music business is going bad, is not a reason to bring to the world, very bad quality music. Like we have had since about twenty years. Give me a break. I used to be very exited to know that a new band was coming along and they had something to offer. heavy metal mp3 songs free download

nowadays bands most sound the same, look the same. No originality, no innovation, no personality. Where are the days when you knew who the band mates were like Kiss you knew Paul Stanley Gene Simmons Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. They had their own unique style and personality.

heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

So the music industry is telling bands ‘dumb down the music’ in fact this is exactly what i heard a music rep say on youtube.heavy metal songs download

I was watching videos about how the music reps sign bands. One of them said. ‘Do you know how many demos we get a week, do you know what we do with most of these demos ? We send them to the thrash’

And he had a thrash bin next to his office and throwing demo tapes. metal mp3 songs download. And he said ‘dumb down your music’ But this is not art Why should a band who likes to play a certain style of music change just to make money ? Is this art? No.heavy metal songs download

Then there is no more freedom to experiment and to bring something fresh to the music world. According to some music reps today No english rock songs download

So what you the music lover should to ? Sell garbage music because this is what they are pusing upon you ? You can say, well it is not that bad. The sounds of the guitar is metal, but i understand that the songs do not have any tempo change, and it is all sounding like pop music played in a metal way metal mp3 download

heavy metal songs download

heavy metal songs download

But this is not what music is all about. A change needs to be made. Thank God there are still bands that play real music Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Metallica. rock mp3 song download. I am sorry i am bashing today’s music so bad.

But to someone who has never listened to real music or does not understand what it is all about. I see that they are satisfied with the music presented today.heavy metal songs download

I mean they never had anything other than pop music whether in a rock way or in a rap way. All totally commercial music. Some bands coming out today do sound good, but they are the minority. heavy metal songs download.

Then some people say Well, i do not listen to old stuff. I only listen to today’s music. Does music has a time limit? no. In fact when we consider it, if we take Mozart of Beethoven, that is late middle ages music. Is that old.? heavy metal mp3 songs free download

Old compared to what? If you compare it to the troubadour music that was even around the first centirues when the Waldenses were around, then Mozart is very recent. If we take music from the time of Jesus. Then troubadour music is recent, as music in the times of Jesus was older. metal mp3 songs download

heavy metal songs download.

heavy metal songs download.

Then if we take the eighties, then compared it is recent music. If one say only new music is good, then they are not appreciating music, but the newness only. Because if all new music that comes out is bad will you say. Only new music is worth it? No english rock songs download

There is definitly an agenda against good music around . I understand the record companies. They want to make more money. But they are thinking into making money in the short run. heavy metal songs download

If you are a record company rep, here is the point. Will you make more money on a Cindy Lauper who came out with a few singles and was gone ? metal mp3 download

Or will you make more money with Motorhead, who was not in the top forty, but had a steady thirty year career ? With Motorhead of course rock mp3 song download. What you listen to affects you,

heavy metal songs download.

heavy metal songs download.

If one listen to garbage music, then he will become fake as the music he listen to. If you listen to real music like Motorhead or Metallica or Manowar you become more real. heavy metal songs download.

The plot to destroy the music world is out. The amazing thing is that most people do not realize this. They do not see anything going on. Are they blind? This is amazing. Wake up people, you are being deceived by people who bring to you fake music heavy metal mp3 songs free download

It is insidious, you do not see it very closely because they make that music sound real. But they changed the pattern, they have changed the formula for greatness.

They are dumbing down the music, so that they can sell more cd’s and make more money in the short run. It’s working for them right now, because people are buying into it metal mp3 songs download.

heavy metal songs download.

heavy metal songs download.

Instead of doing that they should run after people who sell free download on the internet. That will help bring the music sales up again. And the record companies will be able to make millions again. I am not against record companies who want to make millions. heavy metal songs download

When they bring amazing music to the world, then they deserve to make lost of money. Because they bring lots of job and happiness to people english rock songs download. But when they fill the world with fake music. heavy metal songs download

Then this is wrong especially knowing that most people don’t know the difference between a bass line and a guitar line. Fooling the masses with their three minute three chords songs which do not mean anything metal mp3 download. Those deep emotions we had when bands used to jam onstage are gone.

Today you only have a cd playing i the background in some live ocncerts. And can you believe that millions of people around the world are paying twenty dollars to see a band or rappeur just play the same cd you can find at the store?

This world is in such a rip off stage nowadays that it is disgusting. And the people who are deceived by the media and the music industry and deceived so storngly that they can’t even tell the difference between good and bad music anymore. Have you been listning to bad music. It’s time to listen to real music Metal music Bad to the bone ? SONG OF LOVE

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