Rock mp3 song download Amazing Song of love story

Unconform yourself from this fake world Rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

Amazing sounds that can change your life. My life has ben changed with heavy metal. Since I listened to Kiss when I was sixteen. My life has not been the same since. It was in Mexico, I just moved there from France. A small town in the south of France called Grasse. It is famous for its perfumes. heavy metal songs download.

This town Grasse now is not a nice place to be. But in the days it was so beautiful. In the morning i used to to go school. I  could smell the perfum smell all over the town. It was nice. Then when I was sixteen, my dad chose to do a long trip in th Americas to find a place to live heavy metal mp3 songs free download

We left Paris france then arrives in Mexico city. From a town of about sixty thousand people to Mexico city the biggest city in the world at the time. About forty million inhabitants. Rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

The pollution is such in Mexico that, they say it is similar to smoking two packs of cigarette a day. Mexico has the longest street in the world. Insurgenntes, twenty nine kilometers, amazing. metal mp3 songs download

In Mexico I started to watch Mtv, this was the big thing. Mtv was just starting, and they played pretty good music sometimes. This is how I got to know Black sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Iron maiden amazing.Rock mp3 song download

Those were the amazing days were there was a lot of freedom in the music scene. And Mtv was playing amazing music we could enjoy. I did not enjoy the pop music. But even the pop music of the eighties is better than today’s music.

As today’s music is totally censored, and gated.from real expression  english rock songs download. Like the guitar player from Skillet says. That the record companies want them to play pop music in a loud way. Rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

But this is not metal. To the newcomers it may sound metal. But heavy metal music has tempo changes, it has originality. Metal music has musicianship, and not people playing the same chords all over the song.

Metal music has metlaheads being real and true, usually simple people who have received amazing gift of playing music and who do not have a big head. There was a import music store in Mexico city. There I remember I bought Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Oz. That was amazing. I became a fan of Randy Rhoades.

I even has a keychain with his picture. Mr big four vavourite bands were Kiss then Iron maiden, then Scorpions, then Van Halen metal mp3 download. I still think those four bands are amazing and totally rock people’s butts off today. One day we get the news, on Mtv. They say Kiss is going to take off their make up in a few week. We will premier the video, it will be called Lick it up.

Me and my brother we were glued to the television. Then the video started, and we see the fet of four guis. Then we see the faces of the four Kiss members. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Carr and the new guitar player Vinine Vincent. They looked all tanned and the song is pretty good. In fact the whole cd Lick it up is very good. rock mp3 song download.

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

The song that really made heavy metal in the eighties is Quiet Riot come on feel the noise heavy metal songs download. I really like Quiet Riot, when I look back, the singer is very good, Kevin du brow. Rock mp3 song download

I love those songs. Randy Rhoades was part of Quiet riot before; Then Randy Rhoades joined Ozzy Osbourne. heavy metal mp3 songs free download.

When I was in school I remember some classmates asking me if I had any Scorpions. It was like be careful this guy has Scorpions cd at his home ah ah metal mp3 songs download.

The sounds of amazing German guita rplayers like Uli Roth and Michaek Schenker is still amazing and inovative. english rock songs download. I still have homework to do listening to those cd s because there are some I do not know. Like Black sabbath and Judas Priest.

I want to know some of the cd s they came out with I never listend to metal mp3 download.

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

But when it comes to Kiss Van Halen, Iron Maiden I know every song they played. All the way until Kiss became more commercial. But now Kiss became more metal which I love with Psycho circus and modern day Delilah rock mp3 song download.

This is real music that shaped my mind. I could see the difference in heavy metal songs download, compared to the pop music played on mtv at the time.Rock mp3 song download

Which was not that bad, but they played music to make money I could see. They played music to please the audience. This is something that metal musicians do not do. They played music to have a quick radio hit. Then they would be forgotten. heavy metal mp3 songs free download.

I love the metaL music musicianship, the guitar solos the amazing bass groves like in Running free Iron maiden or Crazy train Ozzy osbourne. metal mp3 songs download. Inovative and original sounds. Music has changed, a shift has been made, all due to the record companies reps. Some are faithful to bringing good music to the public.

Some are totally corrupt and only want to bring garbage to the world. And the amazing thing is that whatever things they push to the masses. They swallow. This is what boogles my mind. How can such a thing be? english rock songs download,

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

I cannot understand how the masses of people in the world to be so dumb. They say no to truth, but they swallow garbage without even thinking twice metal mp3 download.

Just because media tells them so. Why do people love media so much? Why do they follow everything the media tells them to do. Very strange , I cannot understand that. Thank God that we still have metal.

Even though I believe it changed a bit, we still have good metal bands playing. rock mp3 song download. But the media crushed some metal spirit. Rock mp3 song download

The wildness, the power and originality is a bit gone. But those media people want to crush the independent spirit because they are in for the new world order heavy metal songs download. That’s terrible. Peoplle do not realize that, they want everybody to sound the same. And they are cencuring originality.

Many things are cencured. Many topics people used to talk about freely , we cannot talk about these things anymore. heavy metal mp3 songs free download. Now is the time for you to stand up. Destroy your tv.

rock mp3 song download

rock mp3 song download

On youtube you have enough information to last you the rest of your life. Did you know that I only watch things on youtube. Since about ten years. I almost never watch television.

This is because on youtube you have hundreds if not thousands of documentaries and information you cannot exhaust. metal mp3 songs download. Even if you spent the rest of your life on youtube. Song of love

There would still be thousands of hours of amazing things to watch, which are not controled by the media, or the fake world out there. english rock songs download. Be real follow truth and unconform yourself from this wicked world metal mp3 download SONG OF LOVE

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