Metal music download Incredible music world today

Most amazing revelations on the state of music today Metal music download

Those metal sounds make me feel so good rock download. In fact everyone makes a choice on which music they chose when young. Sometimes people change music styme along the way.

Illustration funny cartoon metal music guitarist with brutal guitar. He dressed in black, spiked, with black-and-white
makeup and long hairs

I think that someone chooses a music style that fits their personality rock music download. People who are irie and mellow, might chose reggae. People who are commercial and fake will chose to listen to like rap or pop. rock song download

People who are true and loyal and like when thigs are real will chose metal. I think heavy metal is the right choice. Heavy metal is not the only music style I listne to. But I mostly listen to music that is true and loyal. Like troubadour music, classical music for example english rock songs download.

But I think that no music is like metal download. I consider classical many times to be exactly like heavy metal. Also I think that medieval music is heavy metal. metal music download.

The music structure is about the same. In rock download, we have chord changes, sounds change. For example in Rime of the ancient mariner or Iorn Maiden, there are fast parts, there is a very slow part in the middle of the song rock music download.

In the beginning and end fast parts. This I what music should be about. But because music has got into a crisis since a few years. The music world used to survive on cd sold and touring.

Now because many people can download music for free on the internet, the music world is going down rock song download. The sames are down, people ar egetting free music easily. Metal music download

I think this should not be. Can you imagine working all your life for something and people stealing your work for free. That is terrible. But in the same way, youtube is a great way for people to get to know bands they did not know before english rock songs download.

Yes but the thing is that people will get used to getting free music. But people who reallly love a band will pay to support them and will want to hear more good music. Metal music download

Can we say that people who listen to a music video on mtv are getting music for free? Yes, but they cannot donwload the ideo from mtv metal download. I think there are only two kinds of music. The good music, or the bad music.

Good music is made by talented people who give something original to the world. Metal music download Something one needs to ge used to before understanding. But ater that time of adjustments they will be very happy to have taken time to get to know what that band was all about metal music download.

In my case this is what happened when I listened to Metalllica the first time. I was living in Mexico city. Originally from France. Then I moved to Los Angeles. Metal music download

I used to listen to Kiss Iron Maiden, Ac dc . Then one day by brother went to the import store and he said. We got a new vynil, it is called Kill em all by Metallica. rock download.

I really did not like it at first, because I thought it lacked melodies and the speed of the music turned me off at first. rock music download

But I did not give up on Metallica, and I kept on listening to it. It turns out to be that I think Kill em all and Megadeth killing os my business are two of the best albums ever made. rock song download.

There is music I definitly hate. All that is commercial. Whether rap, hip hop. I knew when I was younger and when run dmc came out with walk this way. Or Beastie boys came out, that I will have problem with that crap english rock songs download

Everything I love about music. Musicianship, or talent, or singing ability. The guitar harmonies, the guitar solios. The realness of the musicians, the umcomproising attitude is nowhere to be found in rap music .

It is amazing to see that many people never heard true music. And the way rap is presented, is that people think those people are real. When in fact rappeur would care less about any integrity as long as they make money which is their

only goal metal download. Really heavy metal music and rap could not be further apart. Metal music download These two music genre are totally opposites. I chise to listen to music which is true, which is not made by machines. metal music download.

If I would ever buy a cd made by machines, I would fee so sad. In fact I would be depressed.  But I cannot imagine millions of people buying music which is made by machines and not feeling down about themselves. Amazing. I would feel low self esteem, because I would get home and say. rock download, I got ripped off.

I would put the cd and find out it is all machine made, the drums is machine, the bass is machine. The only thing human would be the voice. rock music download. But even then the voice is not eve singing, it would be a man just talking weird. rock song download. If rap wasnt famous and this would happen. People would say. Metal music download

I got so ripped off the other day. What happened. Well I went to the store listened to this new music they call rap. But when I got home I would out there are no musicians on the cd. Really? english rock songs download.

Why did you buy it then? I wanted to find out what it was all about. But there is no drummer. Really people,have made a cd with no drummer in it?

That’s crazy. Did anyone buy the cd? I hope not because they might get ripped of like I did. Then what happened? Well there is no singer, in fact there is only a guy mumbling some garbage. Really? That’s out of this world. Why would someone make such a cd. metal download, metal music download. Song of love

The songs are really biring too, they repeat the same garbage over and over. No tempo transition, so chord change. Like the same thing from start to finish? Really? That’s terrible. Why would people make such a cd?

I guess they are lazy and want to make money wihtout working. And some people bought that garbage? Really. How crazy is that! SONG OF LOVE