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It is nice to see the love in the metal community. I was watching Lemmy’s funeral, very sad that such a true and kind person would die. Rock song download. But this is the way we go. We come to live on earth, then we die.

The Bible says It is appointed to all man to die, afterwards the judgment. It is true that the metal spirit is something special. I was afraid of Motorhead when I was younger rock download.

Ace of spades would come on MTV and I was afraid to listen to that music. But I am so glad I did, because thanks to metal music I am not into the garbage played today on television rock music download. All people in the funeral love Lemmy so much, all the kind worlds and affection. Even Rob Halford, said ‘o much love’ rock song download

It is funny because heavy metal was seen as a hateful music years ago vy the fake crowd who did not listen to it closely. But now it is the fake crowd who is so hateful, what is more hateful than rap music? english rock songs download.

I do not want to put Babe metal down, I love some of their songs, but one thing is that I saw them play a Judas Priest song; Rob Halford was invited, metal download.

Those girls do not seem to know the metal spirit, they seem to be ungrateful and spoiled and have no respect for such a singer as Rob Halford. metal music download. The metal spirit I know is people who are very talented, yet do not brag about it rock download.

At the same time they are kind and humble. rock music download. In fact almost all musicians I know are this simple and easy to talk too. They do not think that they live in a cloud. I met the guys from Helloween in Los Angeles very easy to talk too. rock song download

I was amazed to hear Lars Ulrich say that before he made Metalica, he used to folow Motorhead on the road. He followed them all over California, with his car behind them rock song download. This shows the dedication he had to make a band and to succeed.

Success does not come out of nowhere, he wanted to change the world so bad with Metallica, that it happened english rock songs download. And that without compromising the quality of music. rock song download

Lars Ulrich says that Lemmy was so kind that he invited him backstage after the show. When Lars Ulrich went to England Lemmy recognised him and invited him because he had no ticket and it was a sold out show. metal download.

I think it was at the Hammersmiith Odeon, legendary place. And the show was sold out. And Lemmy says to Lars Ulrich, well, come on backstage. Remember Lars Ulrich was not famous. He had not formed Metallica yet. rock song download

The drummer for Nirvana, Dave Grohl said that the first time he saw Lemmy was at the Rainbow bar, upstairs. Lemmy used to be there for hours, playing on a machine metal music download.

Then Dave Grohl said that he wanted to say something, but did not know what to say, finally he said ‘I am a great fan of yours I love Motorhead, I am the drummer for Nirvana rock download. Lemmy turned his head , looked at Dave Grohl. rock song download

Dave Grohl said that the first thing that Lemmy said was. Hey I am sorry about what happened to your friend’ Dave said, in that moment, he felt that the rock star he admired so much had a heart and was a kind person rock music download.

Just because one is famous, they do not not need to think theselves better. They have to pee, and go to the toilet like everybody else. It is good to recognize that all talent comes from God. rock song download

In fact real greatness is to be humble. Those who brag so much are not realy talented, and if they felt talented would not need to tell the world about it rock song download. I saw Motorhead three times, in fact Motorhead is the band I saw the most.

I saw them in Los Angeles santa monica civic center english rock songs download. I lived close by, I think I even walked from the sventh avenue house my parents were renting, to the santa monica civic center. rock song download

I had just moved from Mexico, I am French, but at sixteen I moved to Mexico from south of France a small town called Magagnosc. rock download Then at eighteen I moved to Los Angeles, this was paradise for me. All those metal bands everywhere! Amazing.

I whish I would see that again, it was amazing metal download. We lived in Santa Monica, and this town had this coool hall, close to the water metal music download. Many bands played there. rock music download

In the Santa Monica civic center, I saw Venom, Queensryche, Vain, Armored Saint and many more. Motorhead was playing, Megadeth had the very opening slot. And Wendy O Williams before Motorhead. rock song download

That show was amazing. Megadeth were very raw and powerful. Wendy O Williams had amazing musicians. I remember that the crowd were pushing to the front.

Lemmy said a few words, like ‘stand back’ And all the crowd went back in an instant. It’s like another moment I had. I was in a small club in Los Angeles, Paul Stanley was playing his solo tour. Then after the show, I waited behind the hall. And about twenty metalheads were there too english rock songs download.

And then came out Gene Simmons, the fans were like pushing Shannon Tweed, and Gene Simmons said ‘do not touch the girl’ There too all the fand stood back in an instant ah ah metal download. What Lemmy’s funeral makes me think about is that life is short, what matters is to love each other. See when an evil person does evil things, they are not remembered.

Sometimes when evil people die, no one goes to their funeral. Isn’t it funny right? You have Catherine de Medicis mother queen of French kings, and about nobody went to her funeral. metal music download. Lemmy is remembered as very polite and kind to others. rock download.

He did not think himself as above the crowd. Lemmy was thoughtful and true to his belief. rock music download. That’s one thing today, is that people would integrate many things into their music just to make money. rock song download.

Lemmy did not care about the money, he cared about the fans, and for them to have amazing music to listen to english rock songs download. I used to have this black leather cd I listened a lot from Motorhead, it is amazingly powerful and true music metal download.

Thank God Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkings, because he made better music afterwards. rock song download I am a bass player, and that bass sound is amazing. Very unique, I do not know how Lemmy got to invent this amazing bass sounds, but it is unlike any other. rock song download Lemmy’s funeral

Lemmy did not care about the money, he cared about the fans, and for them to have amazing music to listen to english rock songs download. I used to have this black leather cd I listened a lot from Motorhead, it is amazingly powerful and true music metal download.

Very few bands can claim that truthfulness and not to have deviated from the path of truth and being real metal music download. I hope that God sees fit to resurect Lemmy when Jesus comes .

You also can follow the path of being true , real and simple, and loving others. Becaue this is all that matters. rock song download  Spread the love rock song donwload SONG OF LOVE