English rock songs download Feel the power

You can change the world english rock songs download

I remember Saxon had a song were they said Can you feel the power. english rock songs download. It seems it is rare to find bands who still have that power and edge. To be different than the mass of bands which do not bring anything new to the music world. rock download. If the goal is to all sound the same to just make music,, then maybe it is better to work at mac Donald rock music download.

No offense with mac donaldsI believe they have good salads over there. Personally I am a vegetarian, and I believe this to be the way to go for better health and focus mind. The conformity is what really gets me about today’s world. Why would people feel good about themselves, when they sound and act the same as other people rock song download

I do not understand that. The other day a girl came to my house and she‘s into that gangster crap. I said I understand that you can listen to that music, english rock songs download. But how can someone feel themselves be cool, when in fact they are just copying everyone else;

Their actions talk and act as most people do?  metal download. What is great about that? She had no answer metal music download. It is not great to do as everybody is doing So when the fad changesyou will follow the new fad? english rock songs download That’s terrible 

If you are original, if you are bringing something new to the table, then you can be considered cool and worthy heavy metal songs. Nirvana brought something new, Metallica brought something new. Black sabbath brought something new to the metal world  heavy metal youtube. These are people that change the world and help us feel those sounds unheard before heavy metal artists. They are different and they do not feel like doing as others will help anything. They rather be, and stay true to themselves english rock songs donwload

Why be like everybody else? Well if you are like everybody else. If you talk like they tell you to talk on the social media, 80s heavy metal bands. If you act like this world is telling you to act, sure you will have many friends. You will be popular. But it will be so at the expense of your integrity. You will not be yourself. You will change what you believe in, to become another person rock download. 

This is fake as hell. But if you can believe it this is what most people are doing. Not only that, but they believe that following today’s fashions is law. They believe in following today’s trends more that they would believe the Bible! english rock songs download

People will accept you, they will say. Yes she or he is like me. Fake, legalist and proud rock music download. Metalheads, do they stand alone in this society? This an important question because if heavy metal music will conform to the world standard. Then it will not be metal anymore rock song download. 

Did metal slide a bit into the world standards? Yes but it is still metal english rock songs download. You could stand alone but true to yourself. And who knows if you can change the world, if someone listening to you can be helped along the way. english rock songs download

Who knows if someone seeing your work, could be benefited and this could change their lives? metal download. But one thing is sure, it is that if you act as everybody else. If you follow whatever this world is doing just to fit in. You will not change the world and your life will not help others metal music download. Heavy metal people stay true and loyal, this world is the total opposite,. 

This world is fake so fake it makes me vomit bundles of rap cd’s on the ground. What are you doing? Don’t you know you are in a music store? Yes are you spitting on the cd’s of the rap section? Yes sir I am not only spitting on your rap section of your music store. But I am also vomiting on the cd’s of your rap section. heavy metal songs.

Why would you be doing such a thing? Don’t you know that this is the most sold music today? Don’t you know that this music is sacred? Don’t you know that millionf of people around the world bow down to those fake sounds? Yes they are fake.  Listen, I don’t care, for me your rap music sounds like piss under the rain. You can’t say that. Not only I say that but I wipe my ass in the toilet with the rap cd covers. You are such a terrible person. english rock songs download

What an offense to such grand music like rap. You just filled my music store with your vomit on the rap section what a mess. heavy metal youtube. This is because sir, you need to sell heavy metal artists. Sell real music in your store, you are filling this town with fake ugly music 80s heavy metal bands SONGOFLOVE.ORG