Heavy metal artists Do you fit in?

Heavy metal artists Do you fit in?

You are a loner outcast from this world heavy metal artists. 

You do not belong to this world? Do you feel that you do not fit in? This is why you have your place in the metal world. rock download. You do not feel that you can be fake like other people. Because let‘s face it, in this wold most people have become very fake. 

One of the reasons why, is that the music they listen to is worthless, like a tv dinner too old to eat compared to amazing rock music download. Rap is totally fake, they teach people to be ready to sell yourself for anything. It is exactly the opposite of rock song download.Today’s music is like a long fart in the toilets that makes you pass out heavy metal artists 

True metal is what I neeed. It is like, a powerful, deep vein infusion of power english rock songs download. This strong power flows all throughout my trembling body. When the day has been long, then metal download is what keeps you on course. Heavy metal artists is what gives you energy to face the future metal music download. 

Metal music gives you the amazing power to get ahead. It gives me immense strength. Metal music gives me enough power and influence not to be a hypocrite like other fake people on the street heavy metal songs. 

Metal music reminds me that there are still cool people on earth. heavy metal artists They are very talented, and they are very simple and humble. heavy metal youtube. Metallica yes, Angus Young and AC/DC? Yes in fact most of the real metal bands that are backbone to the metal community are people who are simple, kind, and at the same time really talented. heavy metal artists. 

When someone acts all big and bad, I always beware that behind that front, they are always hiding some defects. Because why would, someone acts proud when they have talent? They would not have that need to show everybody that they are something great. heavy metal artists 

I think this is what constituts real greatness. Today it seems that the opposite is happening. People and musicians have very little talent. And they present themselves very highly. 80s heavy metal bands. They fool many people, and most people are so surface oriented that they do no see the difference. rock download. But what I know is that they cannot fool a real metalhead that lives up to this powerful name. heavy metal artists 

When some of today’s artist come on tv. The way they talk is like they are super grand, super talented, super highly qualified to change the world. Then when i listen to their music, a grand and deep deception takes over, how can this happens? rock music download. 

In this deception it feels like;why would this person think of themselves so highly when they are not worth anything? His music is garbage, the way they talk is not bringing anything of value to other people. Thy are just blowing air and wasting oxygen. Sounds like the rap artists? Yes heavy metal artists 

It does not make sense. rock song download. And on the other hand you have simple kind talented people like Lars Ulrich or Dee Snider who have amazing talent, and can talk to anyone on the street. english rock songs download. It seems there are still a few real people on earth bringing value to others unselfishly. Just to bring good things to others. heavy metal artists 

This is why I consider this world to be fake. You also you do not belong to this world my friend. You are not one of them. metal download. In your school, in your job, people say Hey this is the weirdo. He or she does not fit in. You are strange because you do not want to follow society’s fake rules and hidden codes. Which do not mean anything metal music download.

These trends of the day pass away anyway. But metal is still here to bring you that relief you need from this fake world which is not helping you get ahead  heavy metal songs. The loner you are, but you have found a friend in metal. When you listen to Judas priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Steel Panther heavy metal youtube. 

You have a sense of connection. You feel that this is your group. heavy metal artists This group, the metal community is not fake or commercial. They are not hypocrites, but real heavy metal artists. They will not to things behind your back, and metalheads are loyal to their bands 80s heavy metal bands. Live for metal to be real and loyal SONG OF LOVE