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This workd is getting more and more nausating You METALHEADS need a place where you can call home Bringing you metalheads an escape from this terrible world by bringing you rock download sounds that will help you LEAVE for a while, Metal sounds rock music download that will enable you to have mini vacation and bring you strong and powerful orgasms and much listening pleasure rock download

Song of love brings you in a nicer world of love and pleasure and happiness rock song download Life is short anyway , now is the time for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest english rock songs download  Song Of Love was started about one year ago – Song Of Love has heavy metal music as a goal to bring back real music and musicianship AGAIN to the forefront of this planet called earth –  metal download Heavy metal music

SONG OF LVE metal music

Using metal licks but we feel that HEAVY METAL can be too stuck in only having narrow influences That’s why good things can be added to  metal music download HEAVY METAL MUSIC Like amazing jazz musicians, classical licks In fact when we think about it rock download

Heavy metal is mostly classical music with distortion Heavy metal music, the chords are about the same in heavy metal music than in classical and the basis can be said to be the same rock download

But real music bring a change to the wrold like rock download Heavy metal music 1 Original 2 With real musicians who are skilled 3 A band which bring fresh sounds to the world of music rock music download All these atributes are totally lacking in today’s music world like rap and rnb, and just use them to wipe you ass with it because that’s where they belong rock song download. Where has true music gone? It has mostly vanished rock download

When you get to the music store to the rap section you have my permission to vomit on this discusting fake commercial music english rock songs download – Heavy metal band SONG OF LOVE Metal music brings you the escape you need from this fake world metal download
The music industry is dead in a great manner,  they produce in fake samplings, bands today cannot even play instruments and people do not see the difference metal music download

They buy these cd s like rbn garbage like a machine made made tv dinner And they make people believe their music is real Heavy metal music rock download People cannot even tell anymore if they are listening to real music rock music download of some machine playing in the background – SONG OF LOVE This world has gone crazy rock song download

It is like going to see paintings done by a machine – What’s the point? When you know that all paintings were made by a computer – Heavy metal music download Yet the world has been taken by storm and pays 15 Dollars to listen to a machine and rap garbage! Amazing ! metal music download  Thank God we still have some good bands around like STEEL PANTHER rock download

Live shows is where the magic happens the osmisic feel between musicians which we call being in state –  rock download SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL This could never happen in a rap concet where a cd is playing in a background rock music download