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Music has no age it’s funny that the media today have mad epeople believe that music has an expiration date Yes friends check out your cd it has an expiration date just as your milk bottle Song of love heavy metal band No in fact good music is good music because of the quality of the musicians the originality of the heavy metal music and the freshness it gives to the world not the time it was made  song of love metal official

It this argument was true then all music made today would be good and have to be discarded tomorow, but this is not the case, Song of love heavy metal music in fact most music made today is garbage commercial stuff made to make music in the which the so called artists have no love for music  song of love metal official

SONG OF LOVE HEAVY METAL Even about 20 years ago Frank Zappa said that he prefered the old music reps with cigars who betted on a band and wanted to bring originality to the music world than today young so called hip music rep who never want to bring in new sounds and destroy the music industry  song of love metal official


Thank God that there is SONG OF LOVE METAL OFFICIAL  We are here to bring you fresh new heavy metal music to make you feel good, give you power to escape your reality gives you wisdom to get a better life and spiritual teachings to bring your soul and spirit higher in this fake world