Song of love feelings


Yes finally a heavy metal band which is original and which makes you feel good and feeling pleasure and power Unconform yourself to this fake world Metalheads are real they do not follow the trends of the day like most people are doing now  Metalheads listen to music which is original and not pushed my the majority 

Heavy metal music SONG OF LOVE  Why is today’s music so bland i am going to tell the truth i do not believe most new metal band are worth much, their sound is uniform, like made in a machine not original and not many heavy metal bands which have come out in the last 20 years have given the world of music something to cling their teeth in

Heavy metal music SONG OF LOVE   The singers are either poor or growlers or they go into commercial mode to fit Hollywoord’s agenda  Some other heavy metal bands recently also their music is like 3 minut ecommercial ideas One chorus one verse and that”s all But isnt’t that folowing the uniform music template given my the music industry?

Heavy metal music still needs those 10 minute epic songs and those inctrumental songs as was excellently done before When was the last time you heard a band play an instrumental? When was the last time you have heard a heavy metal band play an epic metal song?


Then the world of music today is very very sick and heavy metal thank God still have originality and guts compered to the fake stuff out there i would not even dare to mention  Song of love heavy metal band